Weird Dog Breeds

The strangest dog breeds in all the world.

1. Bergamasco

I swear that that is the coolest dog coat there ever was. Look at that. How awesome.

2. Chinese Crested

This is one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen. I’m sorry if I offend the little runts, but really? Who can love that?

3. Pekingese

These ones are cute in the fluff ball kind of way. Very puffy.

4. Chow Chow

The breed’s puppies are very cute. They look like moving stuffed animals they are that unbelievably adorable.

5. English Mastiff

Now, my neighbor actually has one of these, as well as a dachsund. The funny thing is that the Dachsund will bark at you, but the Mastiff is so big it knows no one would dare upset it, so it’ll just sit in  the sun and stare at you. A very nice giant dog.

6. Papillon

I think it looks like Long-Haired Chiwawa, if you don’t pay to much attention. But apparently they look different to other people.

7. Caanan Dog

I’ve also met one of these. They are very nice dogs, if trained properly, but can be high-strung.

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