What Do My Dogs Do to be Weird?

I don’t know about you guys but I think my dogs are very weird. Read my story…

My dogs are weird, they’re both strays and they have ridiculous names. Don’t worry I love them. To start with… the one is a elbino with a black patch on the side of is head. Then that side’s ear is dead so he can’t lift it up and everytime he barks at something this little dog comes acting all macho with one high ear… And as a guard… no he just acts macho and tough but he is like putty in your hands even before you touch him.

The other dog is a girl. She Chases reflections and shades, and if she gets too excited humps her bed… Everytime we go for walks she nags and squeaks like someone is hurting her. And then she just from over excitement barks and attracts the other dogs of the neighbourhood…

Everybody knows that dogs like to swim. They don’t. And even after a hot walk the girl dog, who Bytheway doesn’t know how to swim jumps in the pool where the steps are… The boy who can swim waits there for me and then I decide to put him in myself because he is dying of the heat.

But all in all I love my Unique dogs as they are and won’t trade them for nothing.     

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