What Type of Dog to Get?

This article is made simply to help others decide on what type of dog to get.

So, you’re looking into buying a dog, and are indecicive on what kind to get? look no further I have just the information for you! First off if you are a girl and not a tom girl you will like the small dogs. I recommend a chihuahua, or the dog that I have a bichon frise. Small dogs are very mellow most of the time and love to sleep with you.

Now if you are a guy or a tom girl, you are going to want a big dog. small dogs dont always play fetch with you, I know my dog doesn’t. But big dogs always want to play. The dogs I reccomend are Golden or chocolate labs, or a border collie. Big dogs are often lots of fun but can be a pain. They are very sloppy and hard to keep inside. Also if you go on vacation you are going to have to find people to look after it while your gone. And some people dont like to even touch big dogs. So I hope this article helped you with all of your dog wanting issues, thanks for reading!

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    On October 3, 2012 at 8:19 am

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