What’s Worse?

The new problem I’ve faced today got me thinking about a few things.

See, today my best friend/boyfriend’s dog is very ill and he might be passing away soon. So I wondered what would be worse for someone going through that? Having your dog die at a young age unexpected or a dog dying at an old age.

I believe, it’s alittle of both, but most when they die of a young age. When they die at a young age you wish you had time to be able to spend it with them, you’d wish you never let a second pass by. It’s hard when you got use to having that dog around, especcially when the dog is a man’s best friend. My first dog I didn’t even get to meet, he was killed by a truck driver, I wasn’t born yet. But I knew that my parents and my sisters loved that dog a lot. We had pictures and I always wish that I could’ve met him, seen what he was like. I always felt like I missed out on a part that was suppose to be my life too.

Yet, I think that having that dog you love die at an old age affects you more. You’ve lived with this dog, you’ve fed him, taking him out and loved him, how could you not. Also seeing him become weak and just not the way he use to be really makes you want to cherish whatever time you have left, remember every memory, whatever it takes to keep them alive in your mind. Even knowing a dog for a day, if you love dogs than you automatically fall in love with them, I know I do when I see any dog or a stray cat on the street. They are a part of your family a part of your heart, it’s too much watching them like that, so usually people just put them down.

Life is full of surprises, one day you’re here the next day you’re gone…

You have to enjoy the time you have, not watch it fall away trying to make things better when things don’t seem right.


So, don’t neglect, don’t hate. Just enjoy, love and forgive.

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