Why Does Your Well-Trained Dog Potty in The House?

We’ve all been there. Your highly housebroken dog goes to the bathroom IN the house. Do you think he is aware of what he is doing? If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be hiding under the bed.

Image by Brent and MariLynn via Flickr

According to all “doggie-lore” our pets love us so why would they do something to make us angry with them?

They are dogs.  Yes they know they did something wrong because they have been trained to go outside however, if the urge becomes too great they are still animals so they just “go with the flow.”

Is your dog a female?  Be careful about bringing home that cute date and then leaving with her for a long period of time.  Every time your dog doesn’t have enough water she’ll think of your date and decide you like her better.  The best way to get even is to give you a present on the rug.

Sometimes great anxiety will cause a dog to lose control of their bowels.  I know our dog has a habit of getting freaky during thunderstorms.  It is necessary to put him in the bathroom just in case.

Sometimes dogs will get hold of something when you take them out to go to the bathroom.  They may eat a “dead anything” when you’re not looking.  What they eat may re-visit them (and you) in a different form.

However, why do dogs just “break the rules” for no reason?

I never would have guessed.

I’ll be writing about a book I found under my bed that I’m sure belongs to our dog.  The title of it is “Raising Humans.”

Chapter seven is titled “Keeping Them off Balance.”

In this chapter we read that the dog is told never to let their human “owner” get too comfortable.  “Don’t let them think they have everything figured out.  That way, as the pet you can always be assured of getting treatment that is aimed at trying to get your best behavior.”

However, the dog is also advised in the chapter to “make your poop easy to clean up as excess stress may give your owner ideas about getting a hamster.”  Keep in mind that hamster feces can be mistaken for peppercorns.  Certainly, that is more socially acceptable.

Why does our dog decide to break the rules?  To keep us honest, because of fear, jealousy, laziness and in some cases they are not taken out enough.

We always keep them anyway.

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