Why You Must Stop Hating Dogs

Dog from time has been man;s greatest friend.Since man had been living in the caves, dog has been the only animal that had stick with him in all activities of man.
In hunting as well as being a companion, the dog had been there for man.

Even though hunting is no longer popular nowadays,it is an activity that is as old as man for many centuries.Dog had been part and parcel of man ’s early civilization activities.They do help their master as they go about hunting with its related activites.As time goes by, man being involved in dog breeding process,he broughtabout the making of many hunting dog breeds.
There is no gainsaying,that the dog breed that do hunting job are not ferocious as they have congenial aura around them so that human could care for them in their family and play with their children. Dogs are social animal and if given good training,they can survive in any society. they are dogs except they are trained to become a hunting dogs.

Though there are different types of hunting dog breeds,thay can all be classified as follows;

Sighthounds: These kind

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of hunting dog have sharp vision that enable them locate and trail prey.They are known to be the fastest amomg dogs,agile and can outrun and overpower big preys such as deer. Whippet and Saluki are good examples of thes kind of dog breeds

Scenthounds; They are hunting dog breeds that could indentify the scent of prey and are very useful to hunt for animals that do hide in difficult places or climbs trees;rather than fleeing from their predators.Their nose holes are deep with long dropping ears which enable them gather particles on the ground.They can also discover the prey’s scent easily that has passed the path.On smelling a prey, they could bark to give the hunter signal to follow them even when they are far away.

Retrievers: These kind of hunting dog breeds don’t locate or kill prey. What they do is to get prey that has been killed by the hunter. They are cool and calm as they could stay calm for hours until their master command them to get a prey.They have  a retentive memory and they can remember the place a shot bird fell.

Pointers: The name says it all.These hunting dog breeds point the hunter to where the prey is. They are a very popular as they are displayed in various forms of expression as well as in cartoons.

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