Thoughts about the little things that can seem to be annoying but may well be blessings us.

One thing is for sure. Each year I learn something more about gardening. I wondered why with all the blossoms this year, I had only a tiny percentage of the fruit in my garden from the year before. My plum tree actually had far more flowers this year, yet only a fraction of the fruit yield. I was perplexed.

A farmer friend solved my puzzle. It wasn’t the plant food, or the water, or the sun or the pruning. She asked me how many bees were in my garden this spring. Indeed, a very good question. Not that many. Well, not compared to last year when my neighbour had a wild bee hive growing in the garage on the back of their property.

I had been a bit fazed by the bees. They were swarming in my garden, dive bombing me as I put out the washing. As I am allergic to bees, this became a nuisance and a nightmare. I did feel sorry for them when they were exterminated.

I thought about the person who had discovered a bee hive under their BBQ. They had posted pictures from every angle of the huge honeycomb that hung from the BBQ and dripped honey all over their patio. I wondered if the old couch that had housed the bee hive next door had a honeycomb interior. I never did learn whether it did or not.

Now I know that last year these bees were busy as bees are. Last year they were visiting nectarines, plums and grapes. Last year they helped produce a bumper crop. Well, I can’t have it both ways; less bees and less fruit. I do wish wasps had a more productive part in the garden because nothing seems to diminish their presence.

It just goes to show, that often when we are being buzzed by bees, it may be because they are busy working and we are in the way. We only see what we see and experience and often are ungrateful for things simply because they seem to be pests to us. Yet, God has his servants, and his purposes buzzing away, leading us to fruitful seasons up ahead, and we often don’t realise that it was those annoying little things that were actually doing us the most good.

You might ask ‘like what’? Well for example, ending up with a minor injury in hospital for a day or two. It is painful and inconvenient, but then a person next to you in the bed in the same ward, needs to know something of the love of God and there you are right in the right place after all. Or, smaller still, getting delayed by some annoying telemarketer and heading off into the traffic a few minutes later than you planned. A car accident just up ahead makes you realise, just a few minutes earlier, if you had left on time, that would have been you being cut out of that car. Or some annoying person taking too long to serve you, might just be saving you from being knocked over by a speeding cyclist, who now hits nothing and goes on in the grace of God, on his merry way.

Thanks be to God for bees.

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