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Tigers are found in Asia, and they live in grasslands or marshes. Tigers are from the feline famly and they are extremely dangerous and vicious.

Being carnivores, they are known not only to harshly attack but also they are known to eat people and other animals. Tigers are easily threatened and will strike out at anybody, human or other animals when they feel threatened or annoyed. There are no known predators of Tigers, but they will prey on anything that gets in their way.

The life span of aTiger in the wild are from eight to ten years.

Through all of these cons of the wild cat, many people in the USofA have them as pets.

While it is somewhat alright to own a Tiger, there are also difficulties, expenses and dangers of this monsterous feline. Also, Tigers require their space.

All in all, owning a Tiger is a happy but unrealistic fantasy.  Most all people who own Tigers have to play it cool. Often they have to give their exotic pet a seditive, at least once per day, so the animal will not get vicious. They must give their tiger slabs of meat and plenty of water to drink with every meal.

The owners never know when their Tiger is going to get violent. Yes, Tigers are unpredictable and can lash out at any time. That is why the owners shoot seditives in their Wild Cat pets, so the Tiger doesn’t act out.

Yes, Tigers are beautiful animals with orange and black stripes on their fur and also they have beautiful mysterious eyes. And there also white Tigers that are absolutely breath taking to look at. 

 However, I think that they are best off being in their home land where they are happpy and content. I don’t think that Tigers should be owned as pets, for many Tigers who are pets are sad and misreable. They definiately belong in their home territory, in the Asian grasslands or marshes.

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  1. Emmie

    On September 13, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    I love Tigers, but i love to read about them in the wild- free. If i am ever lucky enough i would love to go and work with them, but i don’t think they should be pets.


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