Aquarium Fish Health

Fish are very delicate pets and unless taken care of properly there could be health issues. This article talks about aquarium fish health and care.

If you’re maintaining aquarium then you need to take care of health of fishes in the tank. Unlike other pets fishes can’t make noise or catch your attention in weird ways but they show you signs of illness. If you’re maintaining aquarium then you need to keep an eye on your tank on regular basis.

If you’re beginner in aquarium hobby then you’ll find it hard to understand the symptoms of fish illness. Not just beginners but even some of the seasoned experts sometimes make mistake while noticing fish illness.Many beginners quit from aquarium hobby after their fish in their tank dies. But you can avoid fish death to some extent. Beginners need to read a lot of information about the fish they want to keep this will prevent death of many fishes.

There are many reasons for fish death some of the common reasons are :

  • Ph Not maintained
  • Tank Temperature
  • Aggressive fishes in Community tank or non-aggressive fish tank
  • Faulty Filters
  • Parasites in the tank

Some fishes require highly alkaline environment while some of the fishes can’t survive in alkaline environment. You need to research carefully while purchasing fish and have to maintain the ph value which is suggested while keeping the particular type of fish.

Temperature is one important factor that you need to keep in mind because many fishes can’t stand high temperature.
Consult with aquarium shop keeper about temperature maintenance and make necessary changes to your tank.

Fish selection is also important while maintaining aquarium. Many fish attack on similar looking species or species smaller in size. You can avoid this by checking the freshwater or saltwater fish compatibility chart.

Filters need to function correctly and any damage to filter will result in health of fishes in the aquarium. You need to clean and replace the filters periodically. Filters and oxygen equipments are important part of home aquarium.

Parasites hurt fish health and could result in death eventually. If you bring any fish in the tank then make sure that fish is free from infection cause if infected fish gets into the tank then it’ll affect other fishes as well. For preventing infection you can create quarantine tank where you can isolate sick fish.

Symptoms of sick fish :

  • Fish swimming with clamps up
  • Not eating any food
  • Rubbing body against live rock or hard areas of the tank (sign of parasite)
  • Bottom dweller consistently going up towards surface or vice versa

If you find any typical symptoms of fish sickness then you should isolate that fish in quarantine tank and then take keep it there till it’s condition improves. Consult to veteran and aquarium shopkeeper in case you’re unaware of any fish disease or symptoms.

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