Connect Two Aquariums : The Aquarium Bridge

A do it yourself project for connecting two aquariums via an aquarium bridge.

How many times have you tried reaching the bottom of that huge 50 gallon aquarium and found it excessively difficult to clean it?

When you are bored with you usual aquarium where fishes only travel from one end to another its time to bring a change to your fish’s life and entertain yourself in the process. In this article I will provide a step by step instruction on how to create an Aquarium Bridge for connecting two aquariums.

What are the benefits of installing an Aqua-Bridge?

Maintaining Aquarium is a great hobby. Watching those fishes live happily is the goal of all aquarium hobbyist. Maintaining two separate aquariums connected via an Aqua-Bridge is an easy and fun way to make sure you & your fishes stay happy. Here is how:

  • It provides a uniqueness to your aquariums. The view and the illusion of fishes hanging in mid-air is exquisite.
  • The total amount of water increases as now two tanks are connected as one. This gives more stability to the water contents.
  • It gives an “ocean factor” to your aquariums as your fishes have more places to explore as they travel between aquariums.
  • It helps breeding pairs to stay separated without human interaction so stress in fishes is dramatically reduced.
  • Two smaller tanks are far easier to move than one big tank!

Step By Step Instructions to make an Aqua-Bridge

These instructions are for two tanks of equal height. If they aren’t, make sure you put a base underneath the tank so that the are of equal height. The tanks need not hold water of equal volume. I myself worked with a 15gallon aquarium and a 10 gallon aquarium.

What you need:

  • Rectangular Glass cuts of the following dimensions from a glass cutter – Three pieces of (21inchx4inch) glasses, Two Pieces of (7inchx4inch) glasses, One Piece of (13inchx4inch) glass, Six pieces of (3inchx4inch) glasses.
  • Silicone Glass Glue. It can be found in hardware stores and probably in Glass shops as well.

Figure 1

Figure 2

  1. Glue the glass cuts together as shown in the above diagram (Figure 1). Use silicone glue carefully to seal where two glasses meet. Apply glue both inside and outside. Accurate measurements are needed or else the glasses might not fit properly. Follow instructions on the glue bottle about bonding time of glue.
  2. Let the setup dry overnight.
  3. Test for leaks by turning it upside down and filling it with water. Apply glue as needed where leaks appear.
  4. Scrape of excess glue remains on the glass by using a razor blade and moving it at 45degree angle to the glass surface. Don’t increase the angle of the blade too much or else you risk scratching the glass.
  5. Position the aqua-bridge on two aquariums. Make sure the water levels in the aquariums are of equal height or you might overflow one of your aquariums.
  6. Fill the aquariums with enough water so that the ends of the aqua-bridge remain submerged in the water. (Figure 2)
  7. Put a pipe inside the aqua bridge and suck out all the air (In case of small leaks, locate the leak and apply glue as needed). You will notice the water is rising inside the aqua-bridge. Once the aqua-bridge is filled with water remove the tube swiftly.
  8. Your Aqua-Bridge is ready. You can enhance it further by using a water pump to pump water from one aquarium to another. The height in any of the aquariums won’t change due to water flowing through the aqua-bridge.

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