Great Fish for Your Aquarium

The Ryukin is a great fish for your goldfish aquarium. They are known as a fancy goldfish. The Comet is very popular and they are a great addition. The Plecostomus is an algae eater and they will help control the algae in your aquarium.

English: Baby sarasa comet goldfish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ryukin is what is called a fancy goldfish.  This fish has a very deep body and long double tail fins which it holds up high.  They have a hump behind their head that is a distinguishing characteristic of the Ryukin goldfish. The Ryukin is a beautiful fish even with this unusual hump.

The Ryukin is a very strong swimmer and it loves to do nothing better than swim around the aquarium.  It needs an aquarium that is at leas 10 to 15 gallons for each fish.

The Ryukin is very graceful fish when it is swimming.  It does have a problem of developing what is called swim bladder problems.  You should feed these fish pellets and not flakes.  You can also feed your fish lettuce, spinach, peas and other green leafy vegetables.  The Ryukin goldfish loves to snack on the aquarium plants.  The Ryukin is an interesting goldfish and will be a great addition to any aquarium.

The Comet goldfish is another great choice for your aquarium and they make wonderful pets.  They will spend most of the day floating in the middle of the tank and they will swim around a lot in the evening.

 Comet goldfish are very fast swimmers and they like to dart around the aquarium.  They love to swim and they should not be kept in a bowl as they will hit the sides.  They need a large aquarium so they can dart around with no problem.  The Comet goldfish is strong enough to live in an outdoor pond.  When they are in a pond they will have a lot of room to dart around at top speed.   These fish are very friendly and they love playing with the other fish.

The Comet goldfish has a slender body and they have long tail fins.  They are not considered a fancy goldfish.  They will make a great addition to your goldfish aquarium or pond.

They love food and they will eat just about anything that will fit into their mouth.  The like vegetable and fish flakes.  They like blood worms and tubiflex worms for a treat. 

Young Comet goldfish are sold as feeder fish to use when starting a new aquarium.  This is a shame because they are beautiful friendly little fish.

There are many people that keep a Plecostomus in their aquarium to help control algae.  They are an easy to keep fish and are usually peaceful and quiet.  They have an unusual appearance tat adds interest to the aquarium.  They will help keep the tank free of algae.  They can grow to be very large but they usually will not out grow the aquarium.

 A Plecostomus looks like he is half fish and half dinosaur.  Plecostomus are peaceful, solitary and not harmful to the other fish.  They will hide during the day and feed at night.

Plecostomus are usually vegetarians but there are a few species that require live food.  Most Plecostomus will eat algae, lettuce, spinach, zucchini and peas.  Their water needs to be between 72 and 82 degrees.

They are quiet and easy to care for.  They will get along with the other fish in the aquarium.  They are an asset to any aquarium as they will clean algae from the tank.  They can damage Plexiglas tanks.  It is best to keep them in glass aquariums.

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