Keep Fish?

There is a way to keep your fish, and not cost you a penny!

There are a few websites out there that offer you things for free. Alot of them don’t work and are just a scam. I have found a couple of sites that actually do work. I was very unsure about trying them, because, like Alot of other sites, they are just a scam. I bit the bullet and gave it a go, and to my surprise, it actually worked. I thought i should start off small, and decided to get some simple air line. A few days later, the postman put it through my letterbox. Well, that’s was it! I now continue to get things for my aquariums every week. The latest item is an external filter worth £150.  I have even got a complete set up, aquarium, sand, plants, heaters, bog wood, air pump, rocks, lighting, and even fish. Take a look, and I’m sure that like me, you will be very surprised.


The above is the site that i found. The home page is the one you want, there are other things on the site. There is a live “fish cam” on its way, and a diagnosis and treatment section on the way. It looks to be a very promising site, but like i say, the info you want is right on the home page.

There are a few other sites equally as good, these are:



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    On August 4, 2011 at 3:18 pm

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