Minimum Tank Size for Betta Fish

This article talks about the minimum tank size for your betta fish.

Betta fish are very colorful, and have great personalities which makes them a great aquarium fish. It is commonly believed that bettas can survive in incredibly small tanks where they can barely turn around. This is a lie. Bettas are known to live in puddles, but we are talking forest puddles here not sidewalk puddles. The puddles they live in are hundreds of gallons where they can claim their own territory, and if they can’t claim the amount of territory that they want, they will migrate. 

Betta fish should be kept in at least a two and a half gallon tank, and they should be kept alone because males are known to be aggressive. They also need a filter and heater to ensure a long life. Betta fish like warmer waters, upwards of eighty degrees, so they can not live at room temperature. In larger tanks, bettas are also very active, and have great personalities, which you won’t see in a smaller tank.

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