What Do You Feed Your Pet Dwarf Seahorses?

If you are getting into the Dwarf Seahorse hobby for the first time, then you need to know what to feed them. Read this article to find out the feeding requirements for the dwarf seahorse.

Dwarf Seahorses do not eat food like a normal goldfish. You can’t go to your local store and buy fish flakes or fish pellets to feed your Dwarf Seahorses. If you do, they will starve to death and die. All seahorses eat live food in their wild habitat, and they also will need to eat live food while living at home in your aquarium.

Your Dwarf Seahorses need to be fed on a diet of live shrimp, specifically brine shrimp. Brine shrimp eggs can be bought on many stores online, plus also can be bought in local pet stores. You probably won’t find them being sold in a Walmart, they need to be bought at a pet store. Most pet stores sell brine shrimp eggs.

The Dwarf Seahorse will not actually eat the eggs, but the little shrimps that in inside of the eggs. It is a good idea for you not to directly put the eggs into your aquarium. The eggs will create a mess, and your tank will need to be cleaned out often. Instead, use a separate container to hatch the eggs in.

Brine shrimp are saltwater creatures, so the water you put the eggs in, needs to be saltwater. You can use the same salt you use for your Dwarf Seahorse tank. When you do water changes that are required for a Dwarf Seahorse tank, save this water in a jug for use in hatching your brine shrimp eggs.

Most pet stores that sell the brine shrimp eggs, will also sell a small brine shrimp net. You will also need one of these in your hatchery that you set up. You will also need a turkey baster to get out the live shrimp from your separate hatching container. Once you put brine shrimp eggs in the container, they will hatch 24 hours later.

Brine shrimp are at their highest nutrition value when they are newly hatched. Take the turkey baster and get as many live little shrimps that you can. Avoid getting the brown eggs in your turkey baster, you just want to get the brine shrimp only. Now with the turkey baster, put the water in it through the brine shrimp net you bought.

Now take the brine shrimp net, and put it inside of your Dwarf Seahorse tank. Your shrimps will start swimming around in the aquarium, giving your Dwarf Seahorses a good meal. You don’t want to put the brine shrimp in directly through the turkey baster. Why not? You will be adding more saltwater into the tank if you do.

This will cause the salt gravity of your tank to rise rapidly if you keep feeding them with the brine shrimp, and the water they are in. You need to strain the shrimp through a brine shrimp net first, then add them to the tank. This is what to feed your Dwarf Seahorse pets when you have them in a home aquarium.

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    On February 9, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Thank you for sharing some valuable information on dwarf sea-horses. I just learned something new today. The brine shrimp seems like a very clever idea for hatching.

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