Help for Dogs Who are Itchy

Many dogs suffer from problems that make them itchy, people often assume the dog has fleas, but there are many reasons why a dog might be itching and scratching. If you are a dog with itchy areas this is good advice for you.


Help, my paws are on fire. I spend most of my time biting my paws, they are so sore all the time and sort of tingle. I cannot stop myself from itching by biting my paws, even though my owner has put yucky tasting stuff on my paws. What is wrong with my paws.

Signed, Sad Feet


Dear Sad Feet

Very likely, unless you hurt them from walking on something bad such as lawn chemicals, the problem with your feet is actually a sign of a food allergy. Many dog owners only treat the symptoms of food allergies, which are often called “Hot spots”, or try to stop the dog from itching. A better idea would be to stop the problem itself.

Your owner could take you to a veterinarian for a proper allergy test but that can be expensive so they are better off to look for common allergy causing ingredients in your dog food, and dog treats. The most common allergy causing ingredients in dog food are beef, pork, soy, wheat, and corn. As well owners need to know that mystery ingredients, such as “meat meal” and “animal fat” could be anything and also should be avoided in dogs who are showing signs of food allergies.



Help, I am a pit bull dog, and I am itchy all over, I have no idea why, I did not roll in anything, I don’t think I have fleas, but my skin kinda does not look as good as it should.

Signed, Scratchy


Dear Scratchy

Thanks for mentioning the kind of dog you are, because some dogs are more prone to skin problems that are less common in other breeds. Your owner should check for fleas even if you think you do not have them, as well mites are another concern and would cause hair loss as you mentioned. They should check the food ingredients, as mentioned for the dog in the question above, as these can make some dogs itchy all over, or break out in hives. Soy in particular seems to be an ingredient that Pit Bull Terriers are extra sensitive to.

You might have dry skin, or problems with seasonal allergies, even bug bites, such as from mosquitoes, seem to be more of a problem for dogs of your type.

Your owner can try bathing you in an oatmeal shampoo that is made for dogs with itchy skin. They should also look at the ingredients in your food, and make sure your bedding is washed without the use of strong detergents.

Finally your owner should have a veterinarian examine you to determine exactly what is causing you the problems.

Hello there, I am a Shih Tzu dog and my ears are driving me crazy. I scratch my ears and shake them, but nothing seems to help. What can I do to stop my ears from itching?

Signed, Itchy Ears


Dear Itchy Ears

There are many reasons why your ears can be itching. Ear mites do occur in dogs, but not as often as in cats, and these could cause your ears to be itchy and irritated. Bacteria or yeast infections are also common ear problems in dogs, particularly in dogs with floppy ear, and often your ears might smell bad if you have one of these problems. Sometimes these problems start when water gets in your ears and they are not dried properly. As with both other dogs, these can be a problem with food ingredients too.

I would suggest your owner consider what could be causing the problem and take you to a veterinarian for a proper check up to see what the matter is. Your owner should be very careful about cleaning your ears themselves because they could make things worse if they push anything too deep into your ear.

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