How to Properly Bathe Your Dog

There are a lot of sloppy pet owners out there. Here are instructions for how to properly bathe your dog to get them absolutely clean with out much fuss.

Use Warm Water

If you live in a cold or cool climate, use warm water to bathe your pet. It’s easier for you and your dog. The dog fusses less, and relaxes so they are easier to bathe. You don’t get your hands freezing. If the weather is very hot however, use cooler water. 

Wear Rubber Gloves

This is for you. If you maintain a good manicure, using gloves will help keep your nails looking nice. It’s also more comfortable for you and the dog does not mind. 

Restrain your Dog

Tie your dog with a leash or a chain. If your dog does not like being bathed, and they seem to all not like being bathed, this will save you the trouble of having to chase them when they ran away from the water with soap suds on their coat. 

Have a towel ready

Have a towel nearby ready to use. The longer your dog stays wet, the more likely he will shiver and get sick. 

Use Shampoo

Shampoo is easier to spread and apply. I use cheap people shampoo because they cost less than Dog Shampoo. If you are bathing to get rid of ticks or fleas, a one time application for treated Dog Shampoo is enough. Too often will be poisonous for you and your pet. It’s still better to use regular shampoo and have your dog bathed regularly then have them take tick baths. 

Use Soap for the Paws

The paws collect mud and dirt, so use soap for that part. 

Brush and Bathe

Brush out the shampoo with a plastic or rubber dog brush. This makes the shampoo really clean the fur. If your dog has thick fur or a double coat, a brush with shampoo is necessary to get the shampoo down into the second coat. Do not use a wooden brush or anything else. Rubber or plastic brushes are easy to clean when wet, and they don’t get damaged by water or soap.

Do a Thorough Rinse

After brushing your dogs soapy coat for a few minutes, rinse the suds out with clean, warm water. You can continue to brush your dog while rinsing to get the sud off even faster. Brushing while rinsing also takes out fleas and ticks along with the rinse water. 

Towel Dry

Dry your dog with a towel or any old clothing you have. The important parts to dry are the neck, chest, and paws. Then let your dog go and dry himself. If your dog has the habit of rolling around in dirt after a bath, keep them restrained. Some dogs don’t like the smell of shampoo and will try to get rid of it by rolling in dirt. 

If it’s not sunny the day you bathe your dog, you might need to use a blow drier to get them dry. Wet dogs smell bad, they get cold, shiver and get sick. So getting them dry as fast as possible is important. If it’s a warm day, then letting them sun themselves dry is okay for most adult dogs. Younger puppies need to be thoroughly towel dried and kept warm while they are still damp or they get sick. 

How often should you bathe your dog?

Once a month to once a week. Dogs do not have sweat glands on their skin, so their skin and coats get dry if you bathe them too frequently. If you want to bathe your dog more than once a week, try dry shampoo instead. Sprinkle talcum powder on the fur then brush out clean. 

When should you bathe your dog more often?

Spring and Summer. Some dogs shed their fur during this time and need to get clean with a bathe and some good brushing. Otherwise, they will shed everywhere and it would be so much trouble to clean. Also, if your dog has a flea or tick infestation, then you will need weekly bathes. Fleas are actually easy to kill with a proper bathe because they drown in shampoo. 

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