How to Trim Dog’s Nails in Three Easy Steps

A quick guide to pet owners on how to properly trim dog’s nails and what to do with nail trimming accidents.


How to Trim Dog’s Nails in 3 Easy Steps

By: Chelsea Arsenal



     As responsible owners of our pets, we should not disregard our dog’s hygiene to prevent them from being sick, thus less trips to the vet. A huge part of hygiene is trimming the nails. Nail trimming may be done once a month and is important to prevent the nails from cracking. Older dogs need more frequent pedicures, while dogs aged 10 to 12 weeks of age may be started nail grooming. Here are proper ways on how to trim your dog’s nails.

     1.      Use sharp trimmer either side-to-side style trimmer or nail file for thick nails, instead of guillotine-style trimmers because they tend to crush brittle nails.

  Side-to-side style trimmer

  Guillotine-style trimmer        



2.      Soak nails for 15 minutes in warm water or dip cloth in warm water and wrap it in dog’s foot for 15 minutes to make the nails soft and easier to trim.


3.      Be careful not to cut into the quick, the inner part of a nail filled with nerves and blood vessels. This is going to be very painful for the dog and this may be a terrifying event to your dog.


     Dogs may be anxious during nail clipping or may get bored and rush away from you and accident may happen. If ever bleeding occurs, dab the nail with a styptic pen or dust it off with flour or cornstarch. Some dogs hate nail trimming so you will probably have to clip one or two nails at a time, then wait for a day or two then clip a couple more until you are finished. 


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