Barefoot Horse Hoof Care

You have to take care of a horse’s hoof differently is he is not shod. They will still need to be checked and cleaned regularly.

Keeping horses’ feet healthy and in good shape can be a real challenge.  There are some horse experts that say black hooves are stronger and healthier than white hooves.  Some say it is best if you keep your horse shod.  Other people say a horse should not be shod.  Some horseman say you should never buy a horse that has more than 1 or 2 white hooves as the horse will not be sound.  They claim white hooves are not as healthy and sound as black hooves. 

You cannot care for unshod horses’ feet the same way you care for a horse that wears shoes.  Most veterinarians, farriers and horse trainers say that horses are healthier if they do not wear shoes.  This way of thinking has led to many horse owners leaving their horses unshod.

A horse hoof acts like a shock absorber.  When he is shod this process is impaired.  When a horse is barefoot the frog will touch the ground.  This helps circulate the blood back up the legs and to the heart.  This makes the horse healthy.

Horse’s hooves should be checked and cleaned every day if he is kept in a stall.  If he is in a pasture check them every couple of days unless you observe the horse limping.  You must make sure nothing is stuck in the hoof.

Going barefoot is natural for a horse.  The mustangs have no problem.  They travel over rough ground at high speeds and it does not bother them.  They very rarely go lame.

Keeping your horse barefoot is a natural method of hoof care.  The horse’s hooves must be trimmed with care.  The style of the hoof most be followed.  Horses that are barefoot have healthier hooves than horses that are shod.

Many horse owners trim their own horse’s hooves.  You should still have a farrier check out your horse’s hooves every few months.  Usually a horse that lives outside in a pasture may not need his feet trimmed.  Running around the pasture will usually keep his feet in good condition.  He may need an occasional hoof trim.  Horses that are kept in a stall must have their hooves trimmed as they do not move around enough to keep them trimmed on their own.

Except for trimming the horses hooves when needed there is not much else to do to an unshod horse.  If the horse is in a wet or dirty place he needs his hooves cleaned on a daily basis.  Use common sense when dealing with taking care of an unshod horse.  Some horses still need to have their feet trimmed on a regular basis because the terrain they are on does not wear their hooves down.

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