Cat’s Itchy Skin Disease Cured by Virgin Coconut Oil

The numerous wonders of virgin coconut oil (VCO) are not a new to me. In our country, virgin coconut oil is highly praised for its nutritional benefits. It also – amazingly – cured our cat’s skin disease.

Sometime in May this year, we acquired 3 healthy kittens– about two months old. Back then, kittens in distress were irresistible for us that whenever we see a kitten crying for help, most definitely we would pick it up and adopt it. Prior to the three kittens we presently have, we adopted 2 other kittens who were thrown in a vacant lot behind our house. We took care of them until they were able and strong enough to be given away. A few weeks later, a tabby kitten was heard by my sons meowing in our garden. You know what happened next.

We didn’t have pets for quite a long time (around 15 years). This kitty had some rough spots on his paws and elbows. We didn’t mind it because we just thought that it is caused by malnutrition and a minor case of scabies. A few days later, this tabby kitten showed irritability by non-stop meowing and scratching. We were as irritated as he is. He left our house one day, as cats sometimes do, and never returned. We were very relieved from the noise.

It was not long after that kitten went away, our three other kittens started scratching uncontrollably and we began seeing small raised dots on growing on their ears. They kept scratching until their ears bled. Unfortunately we weren’t able take a picture of our mite-infested cat, but it looked very similar to these.

image source

image source

We asked a nearby vet for the recommended medication. The treatment was in a form of medicated oil in a tube. Each tube contains three drops, which is good for three treatments. They sell it in sets of three tubes that would cost around $35.

It was such an inopportune moment that this situation happened. We had no budget for the medicines, not even for a veterinary checkup and diagnosis. We’d rather spend the money on food, and hope that the scabs will eventually go away if we use sulfur soap. One of the cats really had it bad. The itching worsened to the point that this particular cat’s face and ears were covered with bumps and soars. Fur was gone from the face because of too much scratching, leaving the area bald. The cat was even trembling involuntarily. We were desperate for a cure we can afford.

We researched on the internet about the cats’ skin problems. We found out that the symptoms were those from a case of Sarcoptic mange. It is caused by mites that burrow into the upper layers of the animal’s skin, where they lay their eggs. Sarcoptic mange can be passed to other animals (or even people) by direct contact. The skin rash usually begins as a series of red bumps that are very itchy. The bumps can progress to crusty, raw areas with open sores. –

Thinking that the medication was oil based, we deduced that probably mites could not thrive in an oily environment, that’s why dogs’ scabies can be cured when applied with liberal dose of used motor oil (a home treatment common in our country). But cats lick their fur, so motor oil is definitely a no-no.

We thought of applying virgin coconut oil which would only cost us $2 for a 100 ml. bottle. Since it is food grade, we won’t have to worry about poisoning. We used an old toothbrush and applied the VCO liberally on the affected areas every other day. After a week, we saw the old skin flaking off and new pinkish skin was being revealed little by little. We also noticed that the scratching lessened considerably after every treatment. We continued applying the VCO until no more bumps were visible and new growth of fur came out. In a period of two weeks, our cat was totally healed from this terrible skin condition. She is now a healthy cat. The mites never came back. For our cat and for us it is amazing to have found this home cure in the form of VCO, we can’t argue with results.

Our major lesson learned from this situation is we have to be careful of stray cats. You’ll never know what that cat will bring in.

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  1. LilRoastBeef

    On September 29, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Really good info, not that really into cats…but I will definitely pass this nugget of information!!

  2. Joshua Miguel

    On September 29, 2009 at 11:40 am

    yes, VCO based products are sprouting rapidly because of its many uses.

  3. Uma Shankari

    On September 29, 2009 at 11:50 am

    You won’t believe how happy I am to read this article– looks like a vindication of one’s own belief. I am a South Indian and since this land is by the seashore, by tradition, we use coconut oil for cooking and for every thing else too. Coconut oil is best for every skin. I know of an incident when a toddler sat on a hot ‘tawa’ (on which pancakes are made) — you know those days people cooked on the ground – no table-top kitchen counters — and burnt his butt. The mother religiously applied coconut oil which she extracted at home by heating coconut milk on a slow fire with some coconut oil bought from the stores. The wound healed easily w/o scars.

  4. LoveDoctor

    On September 29, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Great that you found this miraculous cure for your cat.

  5. monica55

    On September 29, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Great tips, and a very informative write. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Webiny

    On September 29, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    This is a great article for pet owners. I know coconut oil has amazing skin treatment properties, especially for burns and irritations. Glad to know it works on animals and that your cats are better. =)

  7. Arya

    On April 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    VCO does work wonders for cat mange. I already lost 2 cats because of this vile thing and I don’t want to lose another one. They aren’t my cats but I foster them. They are mostly stray but the mom cat is my pet’s mom, so I felt responsible for them. Mom cat and another sibling of my cat died.Only one kitten was left. I was desperate for a cure but I had no money to go to the vet. I tried almost everything. His mange was just as bad as those on the pictures. One day I decided to put on VCO. Just after 24 hrs, half of the scabs on his face was gone. After 2 days, his right ear completely lost scabs and new skin was visible. The 3rd day left ear is clear too. I’m so glad I found a natural cure for this cat condition.

  8. destingirl54

    On September 10, 2012 at 1:31 am

    I have been treating my kitty with unrefined coconut oil for head mange, i have no idea how she acquired this horrible thing, it has been a bit over a week and it is working i think. i rub it on her sores very much i slather it on her head/neck and sholder. she has improved in her mood but the sores are still there and i have used the flea comb quite a bit combing her getting so many mites off of her and lately not as many have came off so that is why i think it is working. i have debated taking her to the vet..i really dont know if i will or not. i have bought her fancy feast also to get her nutrition up and she eats it up! i also give her some coconut oil to nibble on off my finger she loves it so much. i am concerned over my other 2 cats, i do not want them getting this and try to keep them separated and have treated all 3 cats about a week ago with frontline. i have heard that you can put revolution on them for mites but i dont want to overdose her! any advice on whether i should get the revolution and put it on her? she does seem better but is still suffering with the sores/bumps on her head. my question is are those burrowing mites? she did scratch one ear till it bled and put coconut oil on it and it is a bit better. her ear temperature has gone down, i know that is the way you check them if they are running a fever if their ears are too warm you can also check their paws. so any advice would be much appreciated…

  9. Dhanavel Erode

    On September 11, 2012 at 4:10 am

    Very useful, i specially searched for the same today.
    i\’ll apply this and come back to you soon.

  10. athena goodlight

    On September 11, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Hi! I’m glad you found this site helpful. We had another mange case from a kitten who has been given to us with ears already infested and crusted with mange. I treated the affected areas with VCO twice a day and put some drops of yogurt in the ear to kill the mites in there. During the course of the treatment some of the mites continued to go to other areas and caused further flaking, But I did not worry and continued with the treatment. Every other day, I would slather live yogurt (in room temperature – not cold) on his affected areas (head, face, legs, tummy) and leave it on for at least an hour and gave him a warm bath using a pet soap. It is best to use surgical gloves while doing this to really reach all the areas which needed treatment. When he is dried up, VCO is massaged on the affected areas. At night, before sleeping, I would again apply VCO. The treatment continued for 3 weeks and now he is one healthy kitten. We had other cats at home but none contacted mange. I think the VCO weakened the mites and prevented further spreading of mange to our other pets. Two cases and successes for our pets with this type of treatment really prove that this natural cure works. Just be patient, and consistent with the routines, and you will see good results.

  11. destingirl54

    On September 23, 2012 at 4:38 am

    well my one kitty is almost healed of that horrible mange, i did take her to the vet and well they only gave me some shampoo that i will not use because they are impossible to bathe. but she is alot better but now has 3 crusty sores come up. im wondering is this the mange again? also my other cat aquired this also..sob ..i have been treating him with the coconut oil also and rubbing him down with a soft cloth wet with water wrung out to get the horrible mites off. i am worried that my other cat will get it now. she loves him alot and stays close to him. sob. will keep you updated…

  12. destingirl54

    On September 25, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    we washed him with the pet shampoo the vet gave me for the other cat,,it seemed to day i took him outside and saw how much crud was on his was ALOT from his neck to shoulders.. took a comb and got it all off and rubbed him down with coconut oil..he still stays in one spot and i am feeding him very good canned food…performance pets salmon pate,,,he acts just like my other cat did…

  13. destingirl54

    On October 10, 2012 at 1:14 am

    still treating my egyptian mau with the coconut oil for this. he had 2 sores on his paws also. yuk. they are healing although slowly, i didn’t apply the coconut oil for a day or so and wow the flakes were bad after. i did a good combing on him tonite and rubbed him with the coconut oil. also got him some cat vitamins and changing his food slowly to a taste of the wild…can’t hurt. plan to try some fish oil too..i also read that coconut oil can help with feline diabetes if he has this..he does drink alot of water and he is around 13 years old..any other advice would be much appreciated. have not shampooed him again because not sure if it made him better or worse..please do reply

  14. athena goodlight

    On October 16, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    By the way, during the course of the treatment, it was also recommended to me by a friend vet to avoid giving the infected cat chicken and fish for their food. They say it makes the skin itchier, I just followed their advice.

    Keep applying the VCO and use surgical gloves so you can really massage the skin and paws well. Keep doing this until you can see new fur growing back. I hope this helps

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