Cedar Oil Spray Safe for Fleas and Ticks on Pets

With the popularity of "spot-on" flea treatments, a plethora of complaints and animal illnesses and deaths have surfaced. Here is a product that is even safe for puppies and kittens. It is non-toxic and smells wonderful.

As a cat (as in, many) owner, I am very leery of spot-on flea treatments. I have read some horrific stories, not just about cats, but dogs and other animals that reacted very badly to them. I won’t go into detail here, as the information is all over the web. Let’s just say that thousands of animals get sick and die prematurely from “spot-on” treatments. They are highly toxic, and so much so, that the flea or tick must bite the animal in order to die. Not only does it not keep the pet from getting bitten totally, but the animal becomes toxic in the process, as it is necessary. In other words, we are poisoning our pets to poison the fleas. Does that make any sense at all? Many people have lost their pets within hours that reacted badly to these toxins. One of the most notorious is Frontline. Do not take my word for it. Please look it up online under “Frontline toxicity”. Another one that is quickly getting pulled from vets’ shelves is Promeris. The company has been sued for animal illnesses and vet bills to try to correct the problem.

A product called At Last! is one of at least two or more natural flea and tick repellents that not only repels fleas and ticks, but kills them. The active ingredient is cedar oil 3%, with water, lavendar and ethyl lactate. These cedar sprays can be purchased at many local health food stores that carry pet products, privately owned pet supply stores, or online. Cedar oil is a notorious repellent of mosquitos, flies and insects of many varieties. Even scorpions are repelled/killed with cedar products. Cedar oil is great for sealing wood, cement, and other surfaces made with various materials. Cedar Oil Industries is another company that has a wide range of cedar oil products for pets and for home use.

I have used At Last! on my cat, as she has true flea allergies. I have used the “spot-on” products, and have not been impressed. One made her paranoid. She was running around, confused, with her pupils totally dilated. She did not seem to recognize me at all for three days, and ran from me in the house. She was terrified. The constant chewing and scratching wouldn’t stop, it just slows down a bit. My other cats do not have her level of allergies. As a result, my allergic cat has gotten a sinus infection that will not clear up. 

With cedar spray (At Last!) she enjoys it when I rub it through her fur. It is not greasy, and makes her fur shiny and soft. She relaxes when I put it on her. It seems to sooth her skin. I sprayed my whole bedroom with this, as it should discourage any fleas that are in the carpet. In addition, I have been using talcum powder, as it suffocates fleas and any ants that find the food dish. It’s great stuff, but as it gets down into the carpet, new fleas can be unaffected as they are brought in from outside.

Cedar spray can be used as needed, even on kittens and puppies. They now have cedar sprays for horses and other larger animals. Cedar oil websites also have products made with cedar oil formulas for the yard and attic. In addition to killing and repelling fleas and ticks, cedar oil acts as a preservative when mixed with silicone in some of their products. I had two upstairs unfinished wood plank decks sealed with a product called Cedar Shield, which not only protects against wood-eating organisms, but hardens and seals as well.

Cedar’s commercial and agricultural applications are growing. This is expecially true for people who do not want to keep using toxins on their pets. “Spot-on” treatments are very lucrative for the veterinarias that use them. But they are not good for our pets at all. Finding natural alternatives like cedar oil and cedar sprays is a great way to control fleas on your pet and in the home. 

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  1. Margaret Boseroy

    On February 28, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Great article! I’m sure many pets will benefit from this.

  2. A Bromley

    On March 12, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Very, very good article with a lot of good information. I will be using this on my pets from now on. Wonderful share. Adding you as a friend as I see we have common interest and I want to follow you. Hope you will follow me too.

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