Get Rid of Cat Fleas with Water and a Nightlight

Plagued by cat fleas? You can get rid of them without spending tons of money on flea products.

Just by using the trick of water and light, you can help get rid of these nasty bugs. With three items that you probably already have in your house, you can help to get rid your problem with cat fleas. Follow the tips below to learn about this trick.

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You may or may not know this, but fleas do not know how to swim. When they are put inside of water, they drown. You can use this knowledge to help get rid of fleas in your house. This trick will help you fight the battle against cat fleas, but it will probably not get rid of them 100%. You should use this in conjunction with other flea fighting methods such as vacuuming your house thoroughly and bathing your cat.

Catch Fleas with Water and Light

You can create a simple cat flea trap in your home with stuff that you already have. You need water, a night light and decent sized pan. You could use a pie pan or something a little bigger, like a tin foil pan for baking. Something a little larger sized like a lasagna pan will work with this trick. Now put the tin foil pan directly under a night light in your house. Put it in rooms that are infested with your cat fleas. Add some dish soap into the water. This will help keep the fleas in the water and help prevent them from escaping.

How It Works

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Fleas are attracted to the warmth of the light. When they jump up towards the night light, they will fall into the tin pan of soapy water. They won’t be able to find a way to escape, and will drown. This particularly works in a room that has a high infestation of cat fleas. You might want to put more than one of these traps in the same room to help get rid of your cat flea problem. Now you will want to check on your trap every day, and if you see a lot of dead fleas, empty the water out and create a new one.

Safety Precautions

Keep your cat out of the room when you are not with him or her. You don’t want your cat to drink the soapy water with dead fleas. If you are in the room with the cat, keep an eye on him and away from your homemade flea traps. If left unsupervised however, your fur ball friend might be tempted to get a drink of water. You don’t want your friend to get sick to his stomach. And also some fleas carry disease, so you also don’t want your cat ingesting the dead fleas.


If you can, try to find and use a green night light. If you have one of those older type night lights with the big Christmas bulbs, you can trade the white light for a green one from your old Christmas lights. Why use a green light? Fleas are attracted to green light more than any other colored light source. So if you can use a green night light, your water trap underneath should work even better.

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