My Lovable Little Mutt; Ode to a Mixed Breed

We don’t know what he is, but our family dog is exactly what we were looking for.

We fell in love at first sight with our little dog, Google.  His disproportionately large eyes gave him his name and his playful spirit let us know that he would fit right into our family of four.  His “papers” from the pet store only indicated that he was a “Cockapoo,” but we later came to know that his origins aren’t actually known.  

He is definitely part Shih-Tzu, and has the “kissing spot” on the top of his head as proof.  He will lie in your arms on his back for hours, cradled like a baby, which seems in line with the disposition of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

He viciously barks at anyone who approaches the door, only to wag his tail and lick said intruder the second they cross the threshold, so he may not be the best guard dog.  We don’t care, though.  He’s such a lovable little guy.

We think he may be part alien, too, trying to get back to his home planet, because every single time a laundry basket hits the floor, he is compelled to jump inside and dig furiously at each inside corner until he is worn completely out.

He has a sixth sense, too, for when he sits in the living room, he looks around at the ceiling as if there were apparitions all around that only he can see.  

He is rather a picky eater, but that may be his “mama’s” fault; who can resist mixing in a couple of bites into his dry food?  

His most recent oddity is his tendency to climb into our closets and sleep on top of piles of shoes.  This cannot be nearly as comfortable as the three beds, two couches, one easy chair, two loveseats, one futon and two dog beds at his disposal, but it doesn’t to matter to him.

He isn’t the best at sleeping in on the weekends, as he just HAS to wake us up around 8, only to go back to sleep for hours once we get up.  Have I mentioned that we love him, and it’s a good thing?

He may not be a purebred, and nobody even knows what he is, but he is ours, and we are glad!

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