Brave Boy Bit by Dog, Continues with Fund Raising Dog Wash

The love of dogs couldn’t stop this boy from raising money for shelter dogs, even after he was bit by "man’s best friend".

This year Tommy finally got the dog every little boy dreams of having sleep next to them at night.  At only 25 lbs, this rescue was thought to be part German Shepard and would get as big as 50 + lbs, but not much more was known about the dog’s background. 

Mason, as he would come to be called by his new owner, was roaming free in a farming community, hours from the nearest major city.  Dogs picked up in this area have a 95% rate of being euthanized.  Mason was lucky that an animal rescue foundation close to the Chicago area travelled the four hours to pick up this well-behaved dog so he could be rescued and adopted. 

Six-months after coming to his new home, his 11-year old owner, Tommy decided to try and raise money for the dog and cat rescued that had so many dedicated volunteers.  During a garage sale his family was having at their home, he planned on having a dog wash.  Neighbors and friends had promised to bring their family pets for this fund-raising event.  Fliers were passed out to homes in the area to let them know about the dog wash and who it would benefit.

The morning of the first day of the dog wash came around.  Tommy was so excited, he set up the dog pool, hose, dog shampoo, brushes and towels.  A big sign was placed at the front of the house that said, “Dog wash, $5″  With 30 minutes before the official opening, Tommy and his brother Danny decided to pass out more flyers around their own home.

While placing the fliers in between the doors of their neighbors homes at 8:30 in the morning, they came upon a house with a small dog chained up outside.  This seemed like a good place to put a flyer, as they had a dog and it could probably use a wash.  As Tommy approached the home, the little dog jumped on his leg and bit him, breaking the skin, on the thigh.  Confused, he finished placing the flyer in the door and ran home quickly.

After washing out the wound, calling the vet and the pediatrician, it was determined Tommy needed a tetanus shot.  None of this deterred Tommy from wanting to fulfill his promise.  In fact the only question he asked his mom after the bite was, “I can still do the dog wash, right?”  Not afraid of any of the dogs that needed a wash that day, each one received a Milkbone when done with their grooming. 

When asked why he continued with his dog wash after being bit, he repilied, “I love dogs, one bite does not mean all dogs will bite me.”

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