Girls and Horses

Some kids beg for a puppy, or a kitten, but why is it that so many girls want a horse? What is it about the noble equine that captures the heart of a young woman?

Although there are many boys who enjoy the company of a good horse, it is a well known fact that girls have a special place in their hearts for equines. Parents of girls often hear their plea for a horse. Girls are drawn to movies like “The Black Stallion”, and not because of the boy in the story but rather because of the horse. Why is it that so many girls are attracted to these noble animals, to the point that some are willing to forgo everything else, for the chance to go riding?

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Go to any boarding, or riding, stable and you will likely find that many of the people there are girls. Some may be lucky enough to own their own horse or pony, and others simply hang around to fulfill a void in their hearts that aches for horses. There is something magical about them. A beauty that a horse lover cannot shake.

When I was young I did not own my own horse, but was lucky enough to get riding lessons at a rather large riding stable in Edmonton, Alberta. I rode English and was terribly jealous of all the girls younger than me who owned their own horses. Many of them competed regularly in local horse shows, and spent pretty much every day at the barn. When not riding they would brush their horse or take it for walks to eat grass along the road. Some of these girls were very competitive, but for the most part, they loved their horses as friends, not just as tools for getting ribbons.

Some times girls beg their parents for a horse, and their folks feel it is just a passing fad. In many cases this is true, but I bet there are thousands of adult women out there who still feel a void for a horse. Perhaps they have filled it with other things. After all, a horse is a goal few can attain, something I realize now. One of the most costly of pets, unless you have a farm, the board costs are difficult to meet.

I begged my parents for a horse, we did not own a farm, and when young, a person really does not understand why their parents just don’t get the message how much they need a horse. My parents were not horsey people, in fact they were a bit frightened by them. I now consider myself lucky that they did award me with the gift of horse lessons.


I started painting horses because I wanted to have nice horse things, and often couldn’t find them in the stores. I was a horse junkie, magazines, books, and Breyer models. I even went to College to study horses, and learn how to train them. My parents idea that horses were a passing thing, was incorrect.

I eventually was able to own my own horse, a lovely Arabian Gelding, and we did attend many shows. My best times were not just in the saddle, I truly enjoyed brushing him and making him look pretty. Arabian horses love to look pretty. I had suffered from depression most of my life, and was painfully shy, but when with the horses I felt great. What is it about the horse that makes girls feel good about themselves?

Could it be that horses give girls a sense of self confidence? A girl who is otherwise not sure of herself, is often quite at home with an eight hundred pound equine. Does the fact that she can control this animal give her some sort of mental strength? I do not know, but what I do know is that for many girls horses are an attraction they cannot explain, and a desire their hearts yearn for. To everyone, male and female, who has ever longed for a horse, I hope that at some point you can reach that goal.

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  1. Angrified

    On August 27, 2008 at 11:35 am

    This was a good article. Very interesting also. You got my mind a rollin about horses. I’ve never rode a horse but always wanted to. I’ve also always wanted one.

  2. Ruby Hawk

    On August 27, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    You are right about girls and horses. My granddaughter would give her eye-teeth for a horse. I have never ridden one but I would have liked to.

  3. Anna Grace

    On August 27, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    I do own a horse…and yes you are right…it is so wonderfull….when ihad to sell my horse because we were moveing to the city..i felt like i was betraying and loosing my best friend…i didnt chose my horse…he chose me. and i own him again. and i love him with all my heart.

  4. PR Mace

    On August 28, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    You are right about girls and horses. I always wanted a horse. My grandparents got me a pony and kept her at their farm until I grew too big for her. We sold her to some friends of my grandparents and she became a show pony. I kept up with her for many years. She had a long good life. Her new owner was also a little girl.

  5. rascat1

    On September 8, 2008 at 7:29 am

    I don’t think you ever lose that love of horses, they are quite beautiful to look at at and there’s nothing more thrilling then galloping over an open stretch of land.

  6. Tomas

    On October 14, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Thank you for the great mental picture. You returned back a thoughtful smile to me. While enjoying the telling Girls and Horses, I was transfered to the world of dreams. We both were dreaming over a cup of coffee there and enjoyed the talk as with horses as the girls – we all came into a hug of the living spirit and became the sunbeam that attracts each eye even on a dusty path, yet hides beyond the picture and awaits for our conscious knock to respond and head us further on.
    Hope to meet you on I would like to address you as my friend.

  7. parsonsnm07

    On January 11, 2010 at 11:01 am

    You’ve summed it up so wonderfully, I have had lots of riding lessons in the past, some of my friends own horses and I never turn down a chance to ride them, I love to paint and draw horses there’s just something so beautiful about them, I’m still young and in school and I can’t help hoping that one day I will be able to own my own horse.

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