Huge and Extremely Naughty and Active Bull Mastiff

I so adore my two huge dogs who give me pure joy.

At four months, my second dog is huge! Although he is a lot different from his father (my first bull mastiff), almost opposite in attitude (my younger dog growls, bites, eats anything and is voracious, turns the order into upheaval, and breaks down everything!)…still, we have learned to love him a lot. At his young age, we can already say he loves us and is loyal to us.

He was our puppy share from our first dog’s “hard work.” At two months, he was so tiny and so adorable. We tried to understand he would pee and poo everywhere around the house because he hasn’t been trained to do what’s “ethical” (use the comfort room?…nah!, Go outside when nature calls eh.). Even though we bought him and his father toys to bite into, he would still sink his sharp teeth into the slippers, tables, chairs, mops, beds, etc. He would rummage through the garbage and turn containers upside down.

One thing we didn’t expect took place. our younger bull mastiff made his father confused as to what nature he really is. Before the arrival of this cute little huge thing, his father believed he was a baby boy in a dog’s body. Our new puppy taught him to do “dog stuff.” The pup would go to the garden and dig out until he is muddy all over. One day, the older bull mastiff came in followed by the younger one and they’re both grimy! Following that, we saw them both excavating and they looked as if they extremely enjoyed breaking up earth! More to my dismay, I seemed to have figured out their conversation – Son: “That’s it, Dad. This is what we do. We are dogs!” Father: Yeah, son, I’m actually enjoying our plowing session…”

Aside from digging and becoming dirty and disgusting, there were other naughty pieces of work this puppy  had contributed to his father’s “awakening.” Nevertheless, we never thought of giving up on this once tiny creature. Despite having interested buyers, we chose to keep him. We enjoy seeing both of them play with each other, run around the house, sleep with their own different styles of doing it.

While our puppy is growing up (how fast he grows!), he is learning many things and becoming more disciplined. Because of that, he is now allowed to sleep in our room with our other pet dog. First two nights, he bit the wires of the computer and speakers. Despite that, I still find him very cute and we love him even more today. Just last week, a friend was interested in buying him. My husband asked me if I wanted to put up our pet for sale and just get rid of him. I was in deep thought…considering practicality over feelings…reading through my husband’s heart. I knew my husband would be happy about my answer. There are things in life that money can’t buy. Our new dog adds up to our happiness. He is our family now. I turned down the offer to buy our baby.

The next time we’ll have another pups, I will no longer have them stay with us longer than a week. Being passionate over dogs make me suffer emotionally when the time comes they have to leave us or the other way around.

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