Its a Cats Life

General tips for a happy and healthy cat.

In the cat’s world there seems to be three factions; those who believe that cats can fend for themselves and therefore does not need regular feeding, then you get the person that keeps Moggie locked up in a room so that he or she will be safe, the third group is those that have a sensible outlook and allthough they love , pamper and care for their pets they also give them the freedom to sometimes ” just be a cat” Cats do in fact need regular feeding, for most a good commercial feed that can be found at your local Supermarket is all they need but there are those that has a specific nutritional need such as cats that are prone to allergic reactions, overweight cats and those long haired cats that may have problems with hairballs; for these pets a diet prescribed by your Veterinarian will go a long way to alleviate their problems! Just like dogs, cats need to be vaccinated yearly and dewormed on a regular basis, they also need to be treated for ticks and fleas and will benefit from regular grooming! Long haired cats need to be groomed daily to prevent knots from forming as these can not only be irritating but can develop into sores that can affect your cats health! If you do not intend to be a registered breeder then it is best for all concerned to have your cat sterilized as female cats can produce litters from as young as four months ( the norm is from around six months ) and come into heat ( oestrus ) for multiple times during spring and summer. Male or Tom cats are fertile from eight months of age but this can vary between six months and a year! An un sterilized male cat may also start the unpleasant habit of spraying your furniture, curtains, pot plants etc! This is a perfectly normal Behaviour for him as he is marking his territory but unfortunately the smell of cat urine can be very difficult to eradicate! A cat allowed free access into your garden will choose to defecate outside; therefore an open window, cat door or other means by which he or she can go outside should always be available! If your cat is an indoors cat then it is up to you to provide a litter box filled to the required depths with a commercial cat litter, keep this cleaned on a daily basis as if it is dirty your cat may start looking for other places in your house to defecate! Remember the golden rule of clean food and water bowls and also keep your cats bedding clean as they are fastidious and will not sleep on dirty bedding! When it comes to a treat please, please don’t be tempted to give your cat chocolate as this can be deadly poisonous for them; milk too is not good for older cats and can cause diarrhoea; rather purchase treats that has been specifically formed for cats! And last but not the least, as with dogs, cats will benefit from an annual visit to your vet, as with all animals and humans alike the saying is that ” prevention is better than cure” and may save you money and heartache. Delanie FlaneganBedford    

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    [...]General tips for a happy and healthy cat. … In the cat’s world there seems to be three factions; those who believe that cats can fend for themselves and therefore does not …[...]…

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