Quick Fix: Constipation in Dogs

List of causes and solution for dog constipation and from there you can take off and save the day! Funny photos included!


Quick Fix: Constipation in Dogs

By: Chelsea Arsenal

     There are numerous causes of constipation in dogs and we have to identify each one of them to determine the solution for it. One cause is low fiber in their diet, this must be due to the fact that our dog is eating commercial treats for the longest time and these treats do not give the right amount of fiber needed in our dog’s diet. Low fiber in the diet leads to stool hardening making the dog strain too much and might even produce a blood in the stool.

     Another cause of constipation is low water intake and lack of exercise. In addition to that, obesity and eating trash are also some of the usual causes. An overweight dog has a lot of fat deposits in the abdomen and this fat interferes with the intestines’ normal movement, while eating trash such as cardboard or plastics may cause diarrhea or constipation as these trash may block the intestines.

     Constipation is not an alarming symptom, but must not be disregarded and as responsible pet owners, we must have immediate intervention to it to not make matters worse. So here is a quick fix for the above identified causes of constipation.

Low fiber in diet solution:


Reverse it by increasing the fiber in their diet. Mix whole grain, oat bran, cooked pasta, raw or cooked vegetables in their food.

Psyllium may also be given 1-3 times a day and may be mixed with their food. This is entirely safe for dogs.

Metamucil may be given ½ teaspoon for small dogs and 2 teaspoons for large dogs.


Low water intake solution:


Add warm water in their food. Let’s say our morning cereal is to dog food, and milk is to warm water.


Serve ice chips in their bowl.


While playing in the yard, we can give them water from the hose, but drinking water from the toilet bowl is not a good solution.



Lack of exercise solution:


Take the dog in the park for a walk and make them socialize with other pets.


Play with your dog.


Exercise with your dog by jogging and taking him with you as well as bringing him with you in trekking and other activities.


 Overweight solution:

Cut off junk food in his diet, you can make homemade inexpensive treats (this is in a different article I wrote).

Exercise more often.


Eating trash solution:

Keep the lid of the bin tightly closed.

Lock drawers or cabinet with detergents and other harmful chemicals.

Quick Fix: 

Purchase over the counter glycerin suppository, which humans also use in constipation.

Insert suppository in the anus and keep it there for a while by covering the anus with your hand as it is very slippery and might come out. In about 5-10 minutes, the suppository will lubricate and soften the stool.

For dogs weighing less than or equal to 20 pounds, give pediatric size suppository once a day.

For larger dogs, give an adult size suppository.



If constipation lasts for 2 days or more, take your dog to the vet.





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