Tablo’ is a cat.It a cat clever,funny and very fat.The fur colors black and white, I like that.

One day,i saw a cat in the walk almost hit by motorcycle.I run and took away it. I give name to his Tablo.I want to take care his, it has two colors of fur that is black and white. And then I turn to my house for feed him.

Everyday,i am feed the cat and the finally the cat so fat,i am so happy. But,do you know? I not suspect the cat can take up of fish from pool,that is surprise for me and my family. Because we are seen new.

Tablo’ always waited in front of the door,the moment i comeback go to home of school.It has run to me and lifted his front leg so that carry. But, I am so sad point in time i went to Padang in Sumatra Barat for study at Bung Hatta University,because i rare turn to my house,may be only two comeback to my house.

This under is a picture my cat…

Liked it


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