You never see it coming.

The other day I had the pleasure of watching our dog play he was eager as usually,  tugging and pulling anticipating the walk. Trying to tell our dog to sit, stay or any command for that matter is difficult  for him for he is so excited. Once we have gotten to the park we quickly let him go and all his pent up energy is release into the air. As we throw the ball, we both watch our dog get tired  each time he returns the ball. It was in that moment that I learned that with my dogs tiredness any command that we gave him he would humbly accepted.

I then was reminded how eager I was to begin this journey. I couldn’t wait to become my own person, to experience life, to learn all that was there to learn, to do it my way. I remember the youthfulness of the journey and its excitement and how the only voice I could hear was my own.

I have come a long way since then I am more of a tired dog that now has become weary. Not the type where sleep is require or even a brief stopover but a deep tiredness that has dampen my spirits, soaking me to the bone. I reached the point where any direction I would take without question, any voice that calls I would l answer, any command I would l obey. I truly never thought I would reach this point where moving my life in any direction would become painful. Maybe this was the plan from the beginning to walk this journey till exhaustion. If that is the case I am here, tired unable to move.

This is what life’s moment has taught me it is better to give the command when the receiver is dog tired, for it will be humbly excepted. So I wait hoping that there is light at the end of this long journey which started many life times ago, for I am finally ready to do what I was born to do, live my destiny according to this great universe. I only now wait for the connecting a person, place or thing to meet me the rest of the way…I know your out there …..I am waiting.

Sona bingley


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