72 Hours Just Isn’t Enough Time..

When a pet goes missing, one of the last things people do off the bat – is call Animal Bylaw Control.
Some cities/towns/counties, give tickets of up to $250. in Fines….. and the last thing some people can afford is… a huge fine just because their pet slipped out of the yard!

No one wants to believe that their beloved pet has ended up at the Pound and hopes that some kind soul, took them in.

Pet Owners put out posters, they ask neighbors, they ask local kids (hoping the pet got brought home), they post it on the internet and find condolence amongst friends.

Some feel by giving it a day or two, that their pet will come back or better yet, someone will answer their poster(s).
Sometimes a pet will wander off and come back on their own and sometimes a kind soul does take in the pet and puts an Ad in the local newspaper, at the local grocery store or elsewhere in the community.

You’re one of the lucky ones if this is what happens!

All too often, the hesitation of making a call to the local Pound, can jeopardize your pet! So much so, that by the time you make that call, it could be too late and I don’t necessarily mean that your pet has been put on death row either.

There are networks out there, that work hand in hand at saving animals on death row in government run pounds. These networks frantically post and connect with Rescues in North America, to have animals pulled so that they don’t meet with an abrupt fate.

If you’re in Texas, maybe a Rescue in Southern Ontario is able to save the animal and has it transported to Canada – or vice versa! So even if by chance you happen to call the Pound on day 6 or 7, doesn’t mean they will tell you that your pet came through their doors, let alone the fact that it is now in a different state/province, or even country!

It’s easy to tell someone that if a pet goes missing, one of the first places to look is at the local Pound, then the SPCA or Humane Society and if no one has heard of or seen the pet, start on local shelters and rescues…. because no one wants to think their pet is behind bars.

In the meantime, put out picture posters. Ask the local pound, SPCA, Humane Society, Vets and Shelters/Rescues if you can email them a picture and description of the pet, in case the pet has been picked up and someone is trying to get the pet home safely….

By doing so, most facilities are more than glad to accommodate you because there are just so many people  that don’t put in the effort – and that is why so many meet with euthanasia or if they are really lucky, end up in a rescue somewhere else, on the adoption list…. either way, your pet is gone – forever.

So please, please, make the calls! Your Pet’s Life Depends on it!!!

Local Pounds have limited space, limited staff and since most pet owners hope for the best, 72 Hours is Just NOT Enough time……

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