Are You a Proud Owner of Pampered Pets?

Pampered pets are becoming more and more common in America. Here’s how you and your pet stack up against the rest of America.

From doggy day care to dog camps, there’s no doubt that our pets are more coddled and pampered these days. Are you the proud owner of an appropriately coddled pet? Ever wonder how you stack up against other pet owners? Although the percentages cited are from 2001, it gives you some idea of how some very fortunate pets are treated in America.

Terms of Endearment

In 2001, a full eight three percent of pet owners reported calling themselves “mommy” and “daddy” to their beloved pets. In contrast, only fifty-five percent uttered these terms of endearment relating to their pet in 1995. The use of these designations was particularly high among childless couples and couples who had human children who had flown the nest.

Birthday Celebrations

Almost sixty percent of pet owners celebrated their pet’s birthday in 2001. This number may have been even higher but some animals come from shelters making their exact date of birth difficult to determine. These days pet owners certainly have their share of resources for celebrating pet birthdays including home parties, parties at dog parks, and parties at doggy day care centers. Could a Chuck E Cheese’s for pets be far off?

Dressing to the Nines

At least from a dog’s perspective the act of wearing clothing is not a dignified proposition. Have you ever seen a dog who really looked happy dolled up in a fancy pair of knickers and a frilly dog top? Thank goodness only twenty-four percent of pet owners forced this undignified act upon their pets in 1995, although the number seems to be rising judging by the number of websites that sell dog apparel.

Pet Vacation

In 1995 almost seventy percent of pet owners reported traveling with their pet. Certainly pet travel has never been easier with hotels rolling out the red carpet for pampered four legged creatures with padded feet. This number is sure to increase as accommodations for pets and their humans continue to increase in number.

A Day at the Spa

In 1995, sixteen percent of pet owners reported having paid to have their pet gently massaged by a pet masseuse. At upwards of $50.00 per hour, this is quite a testament to the love Americans have for their four legged friends. Expect this number to rise as even more posh spa services for dogs become available and are embraced by loving pet owners.

Yes, it seems we’re a nation of pet pamperers. But when you look into the sweet faces of those critters that share their life with you, how can you resist?

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  1. Jarcon

    On March 13, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    This is so true! I am a proud pampered pet owner. They’re just too cute to resist spoiling. ;)

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