As Creative as a Dog in Platforms, Episode #4: “That’s Alright! I’ll Do It Myself”

Part of a continuing serial about a pet clothing marketing firm.

Craig hung up the phone and said to himself: “I can’t believe it! They rejected my fashion trend idea. This isn’t fair.” He then sat down and cried. Skippy, meanwhile, walked up to him and rubbed his slippery nose against his hand. This prompted Craig to pet him gently on his head.

Meanwhile, Meg was hard at work on what was her thirteenth sketch drawing of a dog in platform shoes and a tight dress. Fufu lay peacefully on her pillow watching television.

Just then, the phone rang, and Meg answered it. It was Barbara, and she phoned to inform Meg: “Meg, it’s Barbara. I’ve got some bad news. You know that fashion trend idea I told you about?”

“Uh-huh,” Meg replied.

“It was turned down,” Barbara continued.

“What?” Meg said in a loud, eratic tone of voice, causing Fufu to lift her head.

Meanwhile, Craig was at his dining room table divising a business plan, one which involved platform shoes small enough to fit dogs’ feet (although not for Skippy, who was male).

The next day, Craig began to put together a marketing research survey on the internet. By noon that day, about five hours after launching the survey, he found out that no one living elsewhere other than Toronto had heard of this innovative “dogs in platform” trend. So Craig thought to himself: “A-ha! I can market mini-platforms to dogs myself.”

Later that afternoon, Craig headed for the business name registration office to register his business name—PetWear Marketing—with the Ontario government…by computerized means, of course.

When he got home, Craig checked his e-mail, and got one from an anonymous source—who responded to his survey—and it read as follows: “I know of some companies that make platform shoes for dogs, but they’ve had great difficulty marketing their products. Maybe you can help…or at least hopefully you can.”

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