As Creative as a Dog in Platforms, Episode #6: A Meeting of The Minds

Part of a continuing serial about a pet clothing marketing firm.

The next day, Meg—back at home—quickly began more work on sketch drawings of dogs in platforms, while Fufu went into the kitchen and took care of some personal business.

Meanwhile, next door, Craig checked his e-mail. He got e-mail from pet clothing manufacturers congratulating him on launching a pet clothing marketing firm.

That day, Meg and Craig met at the local bistro for a lasagna lunch. Meg brought along one of her sketch drawings, which she showed to Craig during the lunchtime meeting. He was ultimately impressed with it, but suggested to her: “Just a suggestion: you might want to color that in.” Meg was not at all insulted by that comment. Instead, she thought of it as a suggestion that would help produce a win-win situation for the both of them.

Later that day, Meg did more of her sketch drawings, this time coloring them in. Fufu, meanwhile, nudged her with her wet nose. Meg turned around and looked at the clock. It was time to walk Fufu.

So, Meg took Fufu for her daily walk. Fufu immediately saw Skippy as he was being walked by Craig. She chased after him, pulling Meg all the way. This caused her to catch up with Craig, who discussed the pet clothing marketing firm concept further.

That evening, Craig was at his computer working out a list of rates—as well as other important business details—while Skippy lay on his cushion fantasizing about him and Fufu sharing a giant dog biscuit while at Ontario Place.

The next day, Meg was working on yet more of her now-colorful sketch drawings—of dogs in platforms, of course—when she heard a knock on her front door. She went to open it, and it was her brother-in-law, Rodney Matten, who stood before her, smiling. With a gleeful voice, he said: “Hi, Meg.”

“Hi, Rondey,” Meg responded.

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