As Creative as a Dog in Platforms, Episode #7: Meet Rodney, The Match Game Fan

Part of a continuing serial about a pet clothing marketing firm.

“So how’s your art coming along?” Rodney asked.

“Oh, it’s coming along fine,” Meg replied, “Do come in.” Rodney entered. Then, Meg asked: “How’s your wife?”

“Oh, she’s fine,” said Rodney as he approached and seated himself on Meg’s couch. He then added: “Oh, I saw the funniest thing last night on TV.”

“Let me guess,” Meg said, “It was another episode of Match Game on GSN.”

“How did you know?”

“Because you talk about it all the time, Rodney. It’s, like, your favourite show in the whole wide world. You’ve loved it ever since you were six.”

“That’s right,” Rodney said, “I do talk about it all the time.”

“So,” Meg asked, “What happened last night on Match Game?”

“Oh, it was riotous last night,” Rodney replied, “Gene Rayburn read this question: ‘Dumb Dora was so dumb, she took her cultured pearls to BLANK’.”


“The guy answered ’school’,” Rodney explained, “and about half the panel said ‘college’, and he got three points.”

“So,” Meg said, “What did the other half of the panel say?”

“Well, here’s where it gets riotous. The other half said ‘finishing school’, and it didn’t count as a match. They were so furious, they must have argued their heads off with the judge until the ‘Super Match’ was over.”

“Wow!” Meg commented, “How fascinating!”

Suddenly, there was another knock on the door. Meg answered it. It was Craig, accompanied by Skippy. He asked: “Hi, Meg. Can you do me a favour? Can you watch Skippy? No one was able to.” He said that with a shy grin.

Liked it


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