Bringing Your Guinea Pigs Home

This is what you all have to know about when you first bring your lovely rodents home!

I have been a guinea pigs owner for years and I have found what are the best things to do to prepare and do when you bring your piggies home. Here are some easy steps and advice for you all and hope you find them useful!


You’ve already found a piggy friend you like, have contacted the breeders and have picked a date for the pick up.

1. Always have the cage or hutch ready with all the beddings you need in it, ready for your piggies to go in when they come home.

2. Buy hay and pallets, make sure you have plenty of these supplies before the piggies come home otherwise they will starve (you may

also want to ask the breeder for a small amount of food they were having and ask about what type of vegetables they like or have been

eating, this way, your piggies will have an easy and comfortable changeover and adapt to the new environment quicker and happier!)

3. If it’s winter, remember to get them some heat packs of hide houses to keep them warm during the night

4. Have a few types of fresh vegetables ready stored in te fridge

Now you are ready to go pick up your piggy friends!!!


1. Find a large or medium card board box, enough to fit your piggies. Put some towels in it and bring it with you for the pick up. This is be

where the piggies stay during the drive back home.

2. Remember to check your pigs before paying as some breeders or owners sell unhealthy piggies and this may sometimes be the reason

why some pigs are cheaper than others. Check if they have: lumps, flakes on their skin, bald patches on their bodies ( it is normal for

them to have bald patches behind their ears), noises when breathing.

3. Ask the breeder to provides some food that the piggies have been having to quicken and ease the adaptation process for the pigs.

4. Once they are home, put them in their cage, don’t immediately start handling them as they will be scared. Put them in their cage,

let them run around, they might not move a lot, but this is part of the adaptation process.

5. Feed them with the food provided by breeders, this will make them feel more comfortable. Don’t forget to keep talking to them in a

gentle voice, you don’t want o scare them with a loud angry voice. Let them get used to your voice and they will soon be very

tamed and wheek whenever you come home!

6. You may start handling them on the second day.

Hope you found this article useful, good luck and enjoy the companionship of your dearest piggy friends!

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