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In this article, I discuss briefly the pleasure of cats up to the beast of them all. From the domesticated cat to the wild beast of cats.

The cat. It has many nicknames such as; pussy, feline, mouser, kitty, kitten, tabby, and just plain cat.

We as humans have taken in our home the cat that is willing to be domesticated. The domesticated cat has been given human names, sleeps around the house, goes places in home that even our friends or family will ever go. Our pet cat, has been kissed, played with, traveled, and done; been places no other human close to us will ever be. We tend to trust our pets more than friends and relatives. Our pets have through every room, discovered our every mood, travelled with us, and even wait up until you return from school, work, or other social gatherings. Your pet has mutually taken a trust into you. Our pets decided who in the immediate family it desires or doesn’t like. Our pets have a mind of their own. The cat walked the halls of Egypt with th Pharaoh. The cat in ancient Egypt was known to be a guardian for trust, it’s attraction to humans, it’s ability to creep around, see in the dark, and the superstitious belief that the cat lived over and over. Actually cats of the different litters can look similar to other cat litters. 

There are 28 wild species of cats. The feline are known for their ability hunt, chase, play, being nocturnal, and seeing in the dark. While in the dark, if a little light shines in their eyes, you’ll see their eyes glow. Cats are keen about their tails, they seem to be sensitive to everything about them. The feline have a keen sense of smell, hearing, tasting, and seeing. They’re almost the smartest animal to exist. However, they have their flaws, cats cannot move their eyes, they must move their entire head in order to follow an object. Cats like cleanliness about themselves and their feces. Most feline don’t like strong fragrances, only scent of preys or it’s owners. The feline seems not to like perfumes. The most domesticated cats doesn’t like to get wet.

The feline cat has a defense mechanism that uses their eyes, teeth, hearing, speed, and claws to pursue, bite, to chase, and to defend itself. 

The next cat on our list, is the lion. The lion is known for it’s ferociousness. In the news most recent, a glass window was the only object preventing a lion from swallowing a baby’s head. A family was visiting a zoo and taking a picture of their baby, when a lioness creeps upon the child. The lioness started clawing the glass and after realizing that wasn’t working, she got aggravated. She then opened her mouth wide in attempt to swallow the baby’s head. The lioness just couldn’t reach the baby head through a glass. The lioness wasn’t happy.The lion is found in Asia and Africa. The word lion is used to describe someone who is courageous, a celebrity, and a person who takes the bigger half of the pie. 

The lioness is known in the cat family whom does the hunting, the lion sits, and protects the family. The lioness hunt in packs, they are usually related. The lioness is known to pursue it’s prey, claw the buttocks to smell blood, mark it’s prey with the claw mark, pursue it’s prey until it’s tired, give chase until she catches up with the prey, and latches on the preys neck with her jaw for the suffocating death of the prey. That’s one of the reasons for the ferociousness.

The tiger is found in Asia-India. There’s a plant named after the feline; the tiger-lily.

The leopard is believed by the ancients, to be crossed breded with the lion. The Greeks called the lion “Leon” and the leopard “Pardos”. Th cross-breed now describes the cheetah. A tree climber. A smaller version of the ferocious cats. Hunts at night with a few exceptions. The will climb a tree with it’s prey in it’s mouth. The tree will become “hanging carcass tree” with several dead carcases hanging around. The leopard have relatives such as; the leopard, cougar, and the puma.

The cheetah is a cat found in Africa and Asia.-India The cheetah is known to be the fastest of the feline cat. The cheetah can be clocked going 70mph. At 70mph, the cheetah would get a speeding ticket on many of our state highways. 

The feline cougar belongs to the wildcat family of America. It has a car named after it, and a clothing chain named after it, “puma.”

The jaguar is found in the South and Central locations of America. The feline is willing to hunt in the water to get it’s prey. It likes to feed alone and in private.

However, the wild cats do have their endangered stats. They have teeth, fur, skin, hind, claws, fat, and other things they’re hunted for. Sometimes these wildcats need government protection in order to balance nature properly.

Cat Cinema (Photo credit: TheeErin)

Cat bliss (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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