Choose Your Perfect Pet

You can not decide whether to choose a cat or dog? Bird or hamster?
These tips might be helpful in choosing a perfect pet that meets your needs and expectations.

Selection of the ideal pet can be a complex decision.

Try to first put on paper facts like how much free time do you have, how much you are willing to spend the time cleaning after pets, how much money are you willing to spend on pet care, their food and development.                           


Ideal for: Children who develop strong bonds. Relations between man and dog are particularly intense. Dogs are simply man’s best friends.

Note: in general, dogs require the most care of all animals. Promises like “I’ll walk him and feed every day,” usually very quickly get broken even by well-meaning children. Never leave a baby or small child alone with an unsupervised dog.


It swims around in its own waste, spitts food and lives surrounded by germs. But it is all taking place behind the glass.

Ideal for: Children who are encountering a pet for the first time. Fish is a number one choice for the beginners. It can live up to several years in cold water without a heater and filter.

Remember: one of the most common ways to make your goldfish to be dropped too soon into the toilet is to overfeed her.


Meow!Just think of its soothing, warm fuzzy body and soft and soothing prrrrr sound.

Ideal for: children who like to cultivate, but they also will not mind when a pet ignores them. Cats are proven to be more popular with girls.

Remember: If you have a cat in the family and get a new addition, the child may have a reduced risk of allergies. But if you get a cat when the child is older, it may become allergic to cats.

Note: Cat can scratch you during the game.


It can sing in a cage like a rock star, and children who love music will love the sounds they make.

Ideal for: Children who are real animal enthusiasts. Parrots have nice colorful feathers, are active and can be very social, but they will need enough time and patience devoted to them. So, perhaps, this is not the ideal choice for all children. You have to be patient to teach your parrot to speak.

Remember: if you cannot tolerate dirt, some parrot species will not be ideal for you. Select them according to the temperament, not by the color.

Also, get ready for the real and long-term commitment because they can live for a very long time.


Small, soft and smart.

Ideal for: families who want a pet, but are not ready for a cat or dog. These pocket pets are especially practical for home where there is no one during the day, because most of the time they will spend sleeping, anyway.

Remember: clean the cage regularly. If you neglect cleaning the cage for a while, the stench can become unbearable.

Feel free to comment if you think these advices were helpful.

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    I currently have no pets but hope one day in the near future to get a cat. These little creatures are just precious!

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    Great post, I love cats but my husband doesn’t, so we have a dog. That was a funny picture of the wet cat.

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