Comparing Top Pet Insurance Companies

Pet insurance is not just for people anymore, pets are now covered also. We all get sick, and your loyal pet can certainly get sick as well. Veterinarians, like doctors, have become expensive, but since pets often become like family members, we don’t hesitate to get them the care they require. It may require a bit of sniffing around the internet before you find a good pet insurance policy. This article talks about three companies: VPI Pet Insurance, 1800petmeds and Embrace Pet Insurance.

Dogs, like their human counterparts, now have medical insurance coverage options. We don’t like to imagine that our pets will have issues but it is a possibility. The costs of both human and pet doctors are rising but dog lovers can agree on the importance of pet insurance. picking an adequate insurance company takes some time. We will explore a trio of pet insurance companies.

Nationwide owns VPI Pet Insurance and offers the company years of experience in the industry. Dog, cat, bird, and exotic pet coverage is included under VPI. Major medical, medical, and accident plans are available. Major medical is the best type of plan because it covers everything from accidents to cancer and features the highest maximum yearly benefit. The medical plan is similar to major medical but it doesn’t cover hereditary problems and has a lower reimbursement payout. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to opt for the injury plan. However, you should realize that it covers accidents only.

Similar to health insurance for humans, some issues are not covered by pet insurance. These include pre-existing conditions and less usual circumstances. If you want to focus on wellness care such as dental cleaning, microchip implantation, and deworming, then the CareGuard package is for you. There are a couple of plans that are only available via their toll free line, a “Standard” and a “Superior”. (Specifics for both plans are not listed online). They are like major medical but the deductibles are less. Plenty of savings on premiums can be accessed through VPI. Two weeks after submitting your payment and your policy is ok’d it will become active. Medical records aren’t usually required for enrollment. The exception to this is adopted or rescued animals. 

The 1800petmeds website appears more like a store because of the products shownd. Finding the insurance link can be a bit difficult, but it’s there and shown as a question. PetPlan has been in business over three decades. Pet Insurance Review ranks them as the best insurance. They encourage enrollment partially through discounts. And they’re the sole insurance that covers hereditary and chronic as a part of their standard coverage. 

The last company to be considered is Embrace. This coverage is relatively comparable to the first two, and they also offer coverage for alternative therapies. Instead of a deductible, they charge a set percentage. This payment system could mean extra money in your pocket, according to the Embrace website. Another boon for policyholders is the ability to get funds through direct deposit.

There are many elements that affect the rate you pay including plan type and your state of residency. As in typical insurance coverage, company representatives will quote you a price. Before collecting payment from any of these three pet insurance businesses, you must submit a claim and receipts.

Given the multitude of options regarding the best pet insurance, it is understandable for owners to become frustrated when choosing an appropriate dog medical insurance plan for their dog.

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