Diy: Safe Pet Cage (Under $60)

How to make an easy to make and cheap small animal cage. An ideal home for your pet bunny or guinea pig.

Although the employee at your local pet store assures you that the largest-sized cage they have will be big enough for your guinea pig/bunny. They’ll be able to survive in that cage, but will they be happy? In this article, I will show you how to construct your own cage for your lovely little pal.

You Will Need
-Cube Shelving Storage Set (usually found at Staples, Target, Wal-mart, Home Depot, etc)
-CoroplastTM or corrugated plastic (usually found at sign stores, art supplies, Home Depot)
-Cable Ties (optional; to secure grids in place)
-Metrestick (to measure and mark straight lines)
-Tape Measure
-Marker Pen
-Box cutter or razor blade


  1. Plan where you want your cage to be and gather all your tools and materials to that area.
  2. Count how many cubes you have. If you have 12 grids you could make a 2×4, the ideal size.
  3. Connect and assemble your cage.
  4. Make sure cage is sturdy and secure. If needed, reinforce with cable ties
  5. Measure the inside; length and width.
  6. Add 12″ to the length and width to add a 6″ bordering wall around your cage.
  7. Mark it all out.
  8. Cut excess off with scissors.
  9. Measure mark and score 6″ off each side.
  10. Cut all the way out through the plastic 6″ to create a flap. Repeat on all corners.
  11. With heavy duty tape, tape it all together to bring the sides up.
  12. Pop the box into the cube cage
  13. Add bedding, pet/s and enjoy!

It should end up looking like this

DIY Cage Compared to Pet Store Cage

Did you know, not only will this be benefitting your bunny/guinea pig’s health, but it will benefit yours too. More room, less cleaning. You’ll still have to clean your pet’s cage at least once a week and sweeping up any poops ever day though.

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  1. I Am No One

    On July 1, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    i don’t wanna be cooped up in cages, except if it has a bathroom, kitchen, and sound system, i might reconsider. =)

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