Favorite Has Twins, Dark Brown is Massive

Favorite sheep is the sixth ewe to have her lambs, two more to go, one is massive and sure to have lambs any day.

Last night was daylight savings time, we sprang the clocks an hour ahead.  It seemed that the critters knew, and expected me out an hour earlier.

When I got to the barn and opened the door (all the sheep are in the barn at night) there in front of the door was Favorite sheep and two new, wet, lambs.  Favorite was named thusly by my daughter when we first got her as she was the most friendly sheep.  She has a brown head, brown legs, and a tiny spot on her back.  A few years ago she suffered a stroke, and as such has difficulty eating, so she gets an extra grain ration to keep her in shape.

Her two lambs were still wet.  Favorite tried to lick them off, but obviously had difficulty doing so.  I put the other sheep outside, bottle fed one of the triplets born earlier that requires extra milk, and then attended to Favorite and her lambs; two girls.

I put them in a small stall and dried them off a bit.

Later I went out to check, they were shivering, it is winter here after all, but not too cold, so I went inside and got a blow drier and warmed them on a low setting, rubbing their fur to get their blood flowing.  As I did so I noted that one of the lambs has the same tiny spot on her back that Favorite has.

Meanwhile… out other ewes and their dozen lambs are outside, playing in the snow.  Only Dark Brown Barbado and White Katahdin are left to have their lambs.

Dark Brown Barbado looks huge, she had triplets last year, what will she have this year?

I will let you know!

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  1. PR Mace

    On March 17, 2012 at 5:41 am

    Wow, she really is huge. I never thought about sheep having a stroke, how interesting.

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