Five Cute and Amazing Free Virtual Desktop Pets for Your Pc

Is the desktop of your PC too boring? If you need some free entertainment and something to care for or just a bit fun, then why not try one of the following five free virtual pet softwares for your desktop?

1. MyFelix is a cute little cat from the British cat food producer Purina. Adopt Felix and have him playing on your desktop with you. He is so cute, you will want to cuddle him!
You can even send Felix to a friend via email!

2. If you are more into dogs, you may download a very cute Labrador puppy: the Cottonelle Puppy. This cute guy will play on your desktop!

3. If you are a Simpsons fan, why not download one of them many Simpsons Movie Screenmates directly from the film?

4. Something a bit different is Tahiti Live. You get beautiful sceneries from Tahiti. In addtition to that, the current weather of not only Tahiti, but also Moorea and Bora Bora. You may also explore a map of all the islands and much more! Please note that this download requires Windows XP or Windows Vista. Windows 7 is not tested. If you are using a Mac, there is an additional download link for you on the right bottom of the page.

5. For a cute little virtual hamster, you should check out this website.
This pet is already quite old and was one of the very first free virtual desktop pets, but the hamster is still extremely cute!

If you are looking for even more screenmates, you should definitely check out for almost endless possibilities!

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