Five Things Your Pet Needs

Here are just a few things your pet needs regardless of species!

Regardless of the type of pet you have, he/she is sure to need the following things:

1) Shelter – If you pet is an outdoors variety, you’ll  need to make sure he/she has appropriate shelter. This could be a pen, kennel or house.

2) Security – Your pet will need to be safe from aggressive animals and people. Your pet must feel confident in the safety of his/her surroundings.

3) Affection – Even if your pet doesn’t particularly show interest in being loved, the two of you must be on good terms at the very least. For some pets, this is enough. For others, they will need love and attention every day. If you do not show interest in your pet, he/she will become depressed and lonely.

4) Nutrition – Proper nutrition is vital for your pet. If he/she doesn’t have access to healthy foods, your pet could have health issues down the line. These health issues include obesity and cancer.

5) Habitat – It’s important that your pet have a habitat he/she enjoys. This means access to favorite things, which can range from a bone for a dog to chew on or an isolated spot for a cat to curl up. For example, a fish needs water, a chinchilla needs a dust bath and a bird needs a water bath.

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