Here Comes My Pets

Talking about pets. I love these pets. Pets are family members too.

I have a cat and two dogs. When I was 14 years old, my family made a decision to have/ to take care of a puppy. Her name is DK (short name / nickname). Actually we have raised many puppies, but my mom sent them to my grandmother’s home. That time, my grandmother lives in the province and they bred so many animals.My brothers and I were so sad that they had to go away but my mother said they are so stupid that can’t understand what humans say. Anyway we love animals and we were eager to have a puppy so my parents finally allowed us. So DK came to us. DK was smarter than any other pets we have raised before. She pees in the assigned area herself and she could understand what we say, so we cannot help loving her.

Two years later, she was having a baby. She gave birth to 2 babies/puppies. They are all male. They are too small and cute. We named them Ho-dong and Leo. Ho-dong has a harelip so he couldn’t suck the breast. He had to suck milk every 4 hours. My mother raised him like a human baby. On the contrary, Leo was so healthy and lively. (And he is a naughty boy now.) So we didn’t worry about him.

They have already grown up after 2 months. At first, their sizes are all similar but two months later, Leo was growing faster than Ho-dong. Although Ho-dong was still a weak puppy, he was very cute. But one day, my sister accidentally kicked Ho-dong. Its power was not strong but for Ho-dong, it was maybe/probably powerful. So he fell down on the floor and couldn’t breathe well and he stopped blinking his eyes. We were all shocked about him and we immediately brought him to the hospital. But he was already dead. We were so much in sorrow / We were very sad and missed him. For now, DK and Leo have been growing up healthy for about 10 years. Sometimes they messed up my room or sniff through the garbage can, but they give us happiness.

One night, about a year ago, my sister was on her way home after buying dogs food. At that time, a white and cute cat was following her. Maybe the cat heard the sound of plastic bag with the food in it. My sister felt pity about him so she fed the cat some of the food. She thought he was not a stray cat because he was so cute and elegant. Anyway she came home and told us about that cat. At that time, rain suddenly  fell. My family thought about that cat and worried that it might get rained on. So they decided to find him and bring him home. Fortunately the cat was still there so my sister lured him with the food. We gave him a shower and after a long time slept in the safe and clean place. First I was against taking care of that cat. But when I saw him I absolutely fell in love with him. His eyes were so brilliant and his fur was so silky. But after that day, he left home. At that time we were living in an apartment on the first floor. Surprisingly he found our home and we were very glad that he came back. It’s been a year since he first came to our home. Many people think that dogs and cats can’t be good friends. I agree about that in a way.They were having some troubles at first but now they are having a good time.
I will take care of them as long as they are alive. Till death.

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