Is It a Pet or a Pest?

The speed at which that pet can become a pest can surprise you.

The difference between owning a pet and coping with a pet is really the meaning you attach to it. I remember when I was thirteen years old, I bought for myself a pair of guinea pigs they were as you can tell real beauties the male was bigger and had a shiny white color with patches of brown and the female was shiny black with a patch of white on her fore head. In short, I couldn’t let my eyes stray off them for a minute-they were the apple of my eye.
It was all rosy at first and I was proud of my pets-in fact I proudly showed them off to all my friends. In a few weeks however, things started to change dramatically, my pets had a litter of seven little ones eventually three died and four survived.
Suddenly, I had six guinea pigs to take care of (notice I forgot to call them pets?) a couple of months later, three female guinea pigs had a combined litter of twelve. I can not explain how stressful it suddenly became to feed them.
Something eventually had to give, I suddenly realized that it was no more fun having a litter of guinea pigs around me I sold all of them not long after-the thing here is your pets could easily turn to pests if you don’t learn about their feeding and reproduction and brace up for it.
Without doing the necessary background check or research if you like, you will find out just as painfully as I did how fast your darling pets could suddenly become too much to handle.
Before then, I knew how painful it felt when I read about people who abandon their pets to literarily starve and die. I used to feel they were savages and needed to have their heads checked but my experience made me understand why people tend to take these drastic and irrational steps. I must admit that I felt frustrated too before a friend advised me to do the best thing at that time which was to sell them off. Not everyone gets good advice as to how best to get rid of erstwhile pets or where they could sell them.
If you happen to be a desperate pet owner who wants to get rid of your pet my advice is for you to contact your local pet shop and let them buy it from you who knows you could even strike a good bargain and end up with some cool spending money in your pocket and also be rest assured that your pet will end up with a new owner who hopefully needs it more and hopefully can take care of it better.
Another method of easily marketing your pets is by placing one or two conspicuous signs indicating that you have pets for sale in front of your house. Who knows your next door neighbor or someone in the neighborhood could be interested. Other places where you could place your advert is at the local library, hospital or school. Where ever you choose to place your adverts or information, makes sure it is at a legal spot preferably the notice board of the building. One must- do for you, is to make sure the spot, is where many people patronize or simply a place with a high traffic of pedestrians who might want to stop by and read what you have written.
After you have successfully sold your pet(s),you can now take your time and do a little research about the kind of pet that best suits your needs-believe me you will be astounded about the wide variety available for you to choose from. For instance, you may discover that a single Parrot may just be what you need or maybe a turtle or maybe an Iguana. Just make sure your choice becomes a close friend that gives you lots of joy and not one that will end up for sale once again.  

three guinea pigs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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