It’s 11:00 Pm…do YOU Know Where Your Pet is?

Careless and indifferent pet owners are all over our neigborhoods. Why do they even own a "pet"?

We’ve just turned out the bedroom lights, it’s 9 PM and I assume the loud and rowdy neighbor kids will soon be heading indoors to their own beds. In 5 minutes I’m sleeping like a baby.

Boom, boom, bang, crash. I’m wide awake! I think I heard the metal trash cans get knocked over. I look at the bedside clock and it says 11 PM. Gee what’s going on? Within seconds I hear a dog barking outside my window, he’s right against the house. Each bark is reverberating and echoing throughout my room. He is soon joined by at least 2 other dogs, who are all barking and trampling around the hedge of oleander bushes I planted as a ’sound barrier’ because the street is so close to this side of the house.

Now the dogs are fighting-it’s a pretty nasty brawl by the sound. I cover my head with the pillow and try to get back to sleep.

Where was YOUR dog last night? Where was your cat at 2:30 AM when a
vicious cat fight took place in my backyard?

Why do some dog and cat owners allow their so called “pets” to roam freely day and night?

This is a residential neighborhood, not open farm land. We expect our neighbors to keep their pets in their own yards at all times. It’s the law. A law that is violated by irresponsible, careless people.

My friend (and neighbor) walks her dog or goes running at least once a day. She’s had to carry a can of mace with her at all times because she has been in danger from snarling and aggressive dogs who aren’t strays-they are owned by surrounding neighbors who just allow them to run loose.

If you’ve let your dog or cat roam like this, you’ve certainly, at the very least, had them spayed or neutered right? No?

                                                            SHAME ON YOU!

Don’t give me that macho garbage about animals (especially males) needing to “have their fun” and don’t tell me it’s the kids’ fault for leaving the gate, or the door open. I’ve heard it all. You’re just too
cheap or too lazy to take the proper precautions for your pet’s and your neighbor’s safety.

If your child was mauled by a neighbor’s loose dog, would you sue them? What if your dog bit or hurt another animal or child?

I noticed YOU weren’t outside actively looking for your so-called “pet” last night when you realized they weren’t in the yard or in your home. Did you even know that they weren’t home?

Owning a pet is a priviledge, it comes with responsibilities that most of us gladly accept because we care enough to provide a happy, healthy and safe environment for our animals.

I mentioned cats earlier because let’s face it, they can get really beat up if you keep them outside at night. Most people are still of the mind set that cats should be roaming freely. Ok, I did that too, up until I
adopted my 2 newest indoor-only kitties. I will say however, that I always (without fail) made sure my cats were safely brought in every night. Not only for their safety, but for my own peace of mind.

Does your animal run loose or get out of the yard often? Do you know where he or she is right now? Do you even care? If not, then why keep getting more animals? This isn’t fair to them or anyone else.

If you care at all for their safety, the safety of other animals, your own children and your neighbors, then put some effort into taking care of your pet by keeping them at home. AND please, spay and neuter them, it really does make an already good pet…. a GREAT pet.


Sue Goryan

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