Mark Daily: 2/19/11

Pets Saturday.

Sorry the blog is so late, I had a friend over during the whole time where I usually write it. Anyway my Friend and I were talking about animals and then that’s when I thought it would be great to talk about what animals I like in this post. Well I used to have a Senegal Parrot but we had to sell it due to our family not having anywhere to put him while we were on vacations. Which we don’t nessacerialy go on vacations that much but sometimes we might be somewhere over night with family and we can’t leave him for over one day so we had to get rid of him. His name was Dave. We gave him to a lady that loved birds very much so we know that he has a good life now. I actually wrote a article about Senegal Parrots

Anyway I’m not to fond about Dogs. They are ok but they are high matinence. I’m more of a cat person. If I had to have a dog though I would either have a German Shepard or a Siberian Husky. Anyway I am not familiar with Cat breeds but I would want a grayish cat. Cat’s don’t really require any care besides filling their food bowl and cleaning their litter box. I like how cats will sit down next to you and be calm and purr unlike dogs who usually don’t like sitting in the same place for a long time. Cats seem to do a lot more cool stuff, no wonder there is Lolcats.

Anyway I thought I could rant about animals a lot longer than I did. I don’t know many other types but I did have a Hamster when I was younger. It’s name was JR.

Liked it


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