Marmoset as a Pet!!

Google Marmoset as a pet!! Well, every article tells you marmosets will be the worst pets ever. But way do they put for sale signs and article’s on the little things heads.

My Marmoset !!!


I bought a marmoset from my best friend, we do not know the age of the little thing, because my friend took the marmoset from somebody that couldn’t fed the little marmoset.  Afterwards we found out the little marmoset belonged to an old lady and she did ask my friend to provide a home for the little marmoset because she’s unable to give the marmoset the diet and the right fed.


At the beginning we thought it was a boy, just to find out it’s a little girl after 5 weeks, I went on  to the Internet to see and learn more about the little marmoset, just to see what they need to take care of them and what should we fed our new pet.  All the pages that I’ve read, is telling you they would not recommend the marmoset as a pet.  But why are they still advertising the little marmosets as pets.  It’s not cheap the cheapest price on the net is R3500 for the smallest marmoset.  Accept for the warning of the pet marmoset I’ve learned a lot from the net.


Well it was difficult in the beginning, because she already had her ways from all the previous owners, but I spend a lot of time with her and can tell you one thing she’s a very clever girl.  We wasted a lot of food and fruits because she does not like any strange or funny looking things.  When we let her out of the cage we battled one day the whole day to get her back, afterwards we’ve learned the little marmoset when is time to get back in her cage for some fun.  Her fun will be our dogs, when she sees them she will run to the front of the cage and bite a toy’s ears or bite anything that is near with some noises she’s making it sounds like she’s playing.  At first we made her bed at the bottom of the cage but she showed us the top in the cage, we then bought the hanging mat and the she’s still sleeping there today.  In the morning she will play and when its breakfast time she will wake you up with one of her screaming little noises.  I will then take her in my room open her cage and she will jump on the bed and wants to be fed with a teaspoon I give her breakfast and afterwards she’ll take her crickets.  I open the lit of the crickets bucket to let a few out in the room, she will then chase every last cricket until she’s full.  In the afternoon she will start looking around in the room, then I will no its feeding time again.  Wow and can she eat in the afternoon, banana, apple with some bread, a little bit of drinking yogurt.  O Boy O Boy at night it will be pasta or some rice or sweet potato and tomato souse her favorite will be mash with mince cooked chicken and plane meat.  But mommy I’m still not full, please before I go to sleep give me some baby purity for a treat.


We’ll I’ve learned that a little marmoset is a 24/7 job to be fed and to be loved.  When you decide one day to get a marmoset as a pet, please be careful one person must be at home all the time.  If you’re pet is left alone he/she will start eating herself and be a bad pet they will bite you if you come near them and loose some hair and will be died in a month.  Remember one thing they are wild little things not like a normal cat or dog that you can just fed as a pet they need attention love a lot of talking and noise around them to function as you’re pet.  They are adorable little things they even got different kind of faces to make.  When its play time they will pull there little ears to the back and half close there little eyes it’s so quite, but when they are angry they will give you a face you never want to see.  The hair is standing up on there backs and they run like hell.  They love the sun because that is medicine for them.  Without the sun you must provide them with U.V light protection. They are like little toddlers, but the difference is they never grow up to be left alone.  Color object is there fun a lot of soft toys will make there day.  Please provide them with some wooden sticks because they use that as there toilet.


Don’t feed them union, or some sugar you will regret, stay away from raw meat, and rather give them a marshmallow for a treat and no sweets.  What they will like is play with there food hang it or put it in a funny object for them to play and eat together.


They are very quite and love-able pets if you learn more about them and it will take time for them to get use to the routine.  Everyday you must to the same thing for them to learn and remember what will be next.  You will see they will start showing you mommy remember it’s my wash time or open the curt on I want to be in the sun, even when  its play time they will remind you to stop what you doing and play with me. 


I love my little marmoset to bits.  And just hope I will be there for her everyday and treat her the right way, give her what she needs to be healthy every day.


Thank you for reading about my pet the little Marmoset.


Linda Lubbe

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  1. harry

    On February 3, 2012 at 11:08 am

    well i found your advise very interesting, i am about to get my first marmoset in 2 weeks, she will be 6 weeks old when she comes home to me. it was very interesting to hear your story about daily life and what you do to keep her in tip top condition, thankyou for posting your story.

  2. bella

    On June 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    ah thats really good to hear were planning to get our marmoset in december but all the horror stories are daunting but now im excited after reading yours :)

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