New Age of Lizards

A few words about reptiles being kept as pets.

In this the 21st century a new renaissance has arisen in the keeping of pets. Dogs,cats,rabbits and
hamsters are still popular, of course, but here in Scotland reptiles of all kinds are gaining ground.
Why should this be so? Is it because that here in the northern hemisphere, where the sun dos not
shine as often as we would like, that reptiles provide that touch of the exotic and the feeling of
warmer climes?
There also seems to be a feeling that somehow reptiles in general and snakes in particular are
associated with heavy metal music. There is also a Gothic element to them as well such as
spiders and lizards.Also the upsurge in vampire movies may influence peoples thinking in reptile
Knowledge of whatever creature is fancied would be advantageous. Think of its natural habitat,
what kind of terrain it belongs too and most importantly what it eats. Also useful to know is how
large this snake or Lizard or spider or whatever will eventually grow too. Not just food is
necessary for a reptiles survival but also its intake of minerals and vitamins especially calcium.
This mineral helps bones strengthen and stay hard through out its life.
Too many “small” lizards are purchased with a small aquarium or tank and as it grows a larger
and larger tank has to be purchased to accommodate the animals growth. Why not start off with a
large tank which in turn gives the reptile room to grow and develop. The terrain inside the tank
must be suitable for the reptile, it would be no use having a desert environment for a forest
dwelling creature and vice versa.
In my time as a pet accessories distributer I supplied many a store concentrating on reptiles, these
were reputable stores who supplied their customers with sound and in depth knowledge of
reptiles.Snakes were and are always popular why I don’t know as they do not do much. This was
my thoughts at the start of the great reptile boom but i went out of my way to find ouit more
about them. Imagine my surprise when i found that they weren’t wet and slimy but warm and
dry, and when tickled under the chin it actually purred, like a cat.On another occasion I was
waiting to speak to the manager of a store when I noticed a Chameleon in its tank. It was sitting
on a branch and definately did not look well. Imagine the assistants reaction when I pointed out
that it “looked a bit off colour”, if you know chameleons youll know what Im talking about.
These ancient creatures can be fascinating and wonderful animals to keep, remember though that
they are not of the cuddly ,cute type of pet. They can be dangerous if not treated with respect and
fed properly and given the right kind of calcium and minerals and vitamins. Like most things in
life if treated with respect and fed well they will provide many hours of pleasure.


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