New Wild Ones Pet-dragon and How to Get It

Guess what there is going to be a new pet in wild ones after the platypus.

The dragon

Before you could use the dragon by using a cheat code from the Internet to use the dragon in a match. It still works but only some.

The dragon is released next week or next 2 weeks(this is from 7 august). Its special ability is dragon breath or fire breath or what you like to call it. The attack is like a direct missile and must be used close and directly to the opponents. We do not know if the dragon is non member or not but it is most likely to be a members pet but you can get it if you are a non member. All you have to do is go on You Tube or Google and search wild ones dragon hack and go on the You Tube link if you are on Google. The hack will be patched so does it soon.

There is even another new pet that has just come out 6 august and if you want to know more about it go on this link. Link is gone but just type wild ones platypus and go on the one that says science ray on it.It Reilly helps you on how to get it.

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