Pet Society Tips

For all fans of pet society or to new players that need to exploit the game to get easy money in a few minutes.

Now making money in pet society is easier than ever!! Just follow my tips

Pet Society pays for each friend you visit 50 coins so you need to have at least that amount of friends to earn that money. You can get friends that play Pet Society if you go to Pet Society fan page official in Facebook and add people who need to get new friends as you. Then if you visit them daily you will get 2500 coins by day. For make that faster stop the action of your pet, i mean if you select kiss dont wait while the pets are kissing stop it by clicking on the trunk and fast visit another and another friend in less time.

Another tip you can benefit from now is by sending gifts. If you have two accounts you can send yourself one free red panda plushie in each new day. But when you get it you can sell it by $166. If you ask your friends to sending you more, you can earn lots of money by doing nothing, this take just a minuts of your time.

Also is interesting how in special ocasions like was valentines day or now in easter time you can claim for all the gifts your friends publish by finding hiddeini. if you’ve already collected all you can sell them or recycle them. This way you are earning coins too.

Don’t forget to allow to get news on your mail, this will give you some special money!!

Finally, you must be fan of Pet society official page. You will get exlusive gifts and money too sometimes.

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